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Push Starts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ibanez, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Just a quick question. Does frequently push starting your bike harm it?

  2. a new battery is cheaper, and easier on the heart, however :LOL:
  3. the battery is fine, i just leave for work real early in the mornings and push start my bike going down the hill in front of my house so i dont wake my family. The bike is parked just ouside on eof the bedrooms.
  4. Very considerate of you (I WAS taking the micheal :wink:) to think of your neighbours. Push starting won't damage the bike. I guess you've found already that second gear is the best bet; first is too low to be dropping the clutch in.....
  5. I've always push started in first with no issues... I quite like push starting bikes actually, it's good fun.
  6. That's a "roll" start, not a pushie...

    Thanks for telling us all where we can pick up a cheap bike. ;-)

    BTW that is a "roll" start, not a push start.

    A push start is much more effort and needs a bounce on the seat as you drop the clutch, to stop the tyre from skidding.

    All the best :)

  7. Re: That's a "roll" start, not a pushie...

    no way, a push start is when you push the starter button to start the bike. as opposed to a kick start.
    i would call it a "why didnt i park this on a hill" start ;) :p
  8. Re: That's a "roll" start, not a pushie...

    You are so right, and I stand corrected.

    Trevor G

    PS Are you sure it's not a "Why didn't I buy a new battery before winter?" start?

    PPS Can you have a question inside a question?
  9. Re: That's a "roll" start, not a pushie...

    Good Luck getting past my dog!! ha ha. Push start/Roll start ok ok so i meant Roll start. Thanks for the replies.