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push started a hydrolocked bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thuanz, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I just got my bike, a 91 honda cbr250RR. About a day after i first got it my bike wouldn't start. the lights just dimmed, didn't kick over whatsoever. Being a noobie with bikes i roll started it down the hill. First time it didn't work. Second time it fired up. I rode it around for a tiny bit and went home. The next day when I went around to a mates house to show it off it was puffing white smoke from the exhaust. Getting more as the revs went up. I'm not sure if it was the weather (rainy day) or maybe I had water in the tank because the bike was sitting outside for a while before I had bought it. In hindsight pushing it was a dumb thing to do but before i came on here I never heard of hydrolock before. Will I have permanently damaged the bike by pushing it? The white smoke is gone now and the bike runs beautifully. Starts first go without choke everytime, even in the morning. Should I get it checked by a mechanic? Sorry bout the long post.

  2. If it runs fine now then theres nothing wrong with it.
    When cold you will get steam from condensed water in the exhaust, this is normal.

    Dont worry unless it starts doing it again.

    If it did lock up theres something wrong with the carbies and you should get them cleaned up.
    Though it may have just been that it hadnt been getting used like many 250's so the carbies had all gummed up.

    Keep an eye on it, remember your trusting your health and life to the reliability of the machine.
  3. IF it was hydrolock its because fuel leaked into the cylinders and you tried to start it. This happens with a old or leaky fuel tap (sometimes called by its real name of pet c o c k)

    Turn the fuel off after every ride if thats the case or fix it.

    Whether its done any damage sounds to me like it hasn't as its going ok now. While at Fremantle in January at a mates place his did it. He pulled the plugs and turned it over to push the fuel out. All was good and the bike just did over 10,000k in 3wks from west to east and back.

    umm forgot to mention, its his wifes bike and its a trike even.
  4. white smoke

    i recently got myself a cbr250r from a dealer.
    the bike had been sitting out in the rain for at least a week before i was able to pick it up.

    when i did get it home, i noticed white smoke coming out of the exhaust, and more came out when i reved it.

    Anyways, in my case, it was only condensation and i was able to get rid of this problem by going for a long ride. I had to ride it for about 60kms until all traces of white smoke had gone. There is proabably water sitting in the bottom of your exhaust.

    If it doesnt go away after a long ride, there may be another underlining issue (cooling system related). Hopefully it is nothing major. all the best
  5. Should be fine if it doesn't happen again. Fairly common for water to get into the exhaust and such. If it runs well now and isn't/hasn't happened again since then, I wouldn't worry about it
  6. Some bikes can develop allergic reactions to push-starting, Z13's for example can damage cam chain/guides/tensioners from clutch starting.

    manafactures probably don't recomend push-starting bikes.
  7. Hmmm. Hydraulic lock? I think you might need to look at other causes from the information you provided. If you rode it around for a short period, then started it OK the next day, it could be just condensation from the exhaust (but there's a BIG difference between water vapour/steam and white smoke from start up!) If you've had some cold, damp mornings, the battery may just be getting on in life and may need replacing sooner rather than later, or the battery terminals might need a good clean (which would explain non-starting and dimming lights).

    Davo's idea about hydraulic lock being caused by fuel taps isn't quite right. Fuel taps may start to leak, but you'll find the bike will stutter or stall through insufficient fuel supply (very unlikely) or will take in air through the poor seals, causing pretty much the same problem (also depends on whether there is a fuel pump or just gravity feed). It will not flood your engine. Thats what the fuel bowls/reservoirs on carbed bikes are for! If a bike floods this way, it will be due to faulty needle seats or similar, not the petcocks.

    Hydraulic locked bikes and cars can't really be push started without a high risk of damaging valves, pushrods etc etc. For a 250 bike, the rear wheel would have locked and stayed that way when you popped the clutch.

    All up - if it's running now, it'll be fine...until it breaks again!


  8. Did you say push start a z13 :shock: , add that to the "you know you are a biker when list".

    I wasn't keen to move the bugger any more than necessary for fear of being trapped under it. Sweet sound when they do start up though.
  9. thanks for the replies guys, i'm not as worried about the bike now. It hasn't happened again. bike still starts first go every morning so i think the problems were because the previous owner had it sitting outside with a for sale sign for a while.