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Push Start Damage bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by PGMIII, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I sometime push start the bike because I dont ride often and battery tends to go abit flat.

    But does regularly push starting will damage the bike :?:

  2. Apart from the jarring shock to tyres, axles, sprockets, chain, clutch, crank, and the studdering start of the ignition system........ I dont see a problem.

    You can get a cheap nasty $40 battery charger, wont revive a dead battery but *will* trickle a decent one and keep it topped up. Only really useful for a garage bike though.
  3. Naaah... you'll be right.

    Of course, if you keep draining the battery it won't hold a charge long in time..
  4. Do you disconnect the battery when you're not using the bike?
    Letting the battery run down will shorten it's life, try and keep it charged up at all times. Trickle chargers are good for that.
  5. That looks like a lot damage to the bike :-(

    I forgot to mention.. another reason is recently I've sprained my ankle fairly bad and the bike is a kickstart. I'm unable to have the strength to kick start it and if i do it causes alot of pain (please dont advise me to take a rest before riding haha) However I do use the bike 3-4 days a week.

    Forget "damage" to all of the above.

    The worst you are likely so see through hundreds of bump starts would be tyre wear if you locked it multiple times each attempt.
  7. On all that damage - I'd be surprised if there was a measurable increase in wear to any of those items if bump-started regularly (except perhaps the chain, by some tiny amount). Tyres and axles? Honestly...

    If you're using the bike 3-4 days a week, your battery shouldn't be going flat. How old is it?

    If you were using the bike once a month, then a trickle charger might be a good idea, but make sure it shuts off automatically when charged or only have it on a few hours at a time.
    I've seen pictures of the aftermath of a battery left on a trickle charger, and it ain't pretty.

    EDIT: MMM beat me to it. I didn't factor in locking up the tyre - I've always managed to land at the same time as releasing the clutch lever, but I can pat my head and rub my belly at the same time too so perhaps I'm just clever!
  8. Thanks guys for the quick reply.

    If its just going to be tire wear then it should be fine.

    Almost 9/10 times I push start in one go since I make sure I park the bike close to a down slope.

    The bike is more then 10 years old. Having said that, still try to look after it as much as I can...

  9. Only way to damage a bike during bump starting is to drop it (BTDT :evil:) .

    Get one of those $30 solar maintainers from Jaycar or SuperCrap, stick it up on the shed/garage/carport roof, hook it up to the battery when you're not using the bike and never worry about it again.
  10. As long as the bike isn’t hydraulically locked it is fine.
    Think about how much force you are really putting on the parts, compared to when you give it a fist full of revs.
  11. spend $60-$70 and get yourself a battary fighter.

    You permanantly connect the lugs to the battery and hide the connector under the fairing, then when you finish riding the bike you connect the bike to the charger (no need to remove the seat), and the battery fighter will keep the battery on a 'float; charge until you want to ride again.

    got one got the girlies bike and have connectors on both of mine, just in case :)

  12. cheers :grin:
  13. Once upon a time I had a KV100 that could only be push started because the kick starter had fallen off. I had it for years and it was never a problem. I think you'd be smarter to disconnect the battery when you're not using it or put it on a trickle charger though. Push starting can be a bastard is you stall at the lights. :wink:
  14. Pfffff tyre and chain wear! Axle wear?!?! You must have some weird-arse push-starting technique Liq.

    Push starting bikes is fine. And fun, too. Like Cheffie says though, leaving the battery to run down a lot can root it. I suggest you pull ya finger out and ride the f*cking thing. Loads.
  15. The only way you'll hurt anything on the bike is from dropping it coz you fell over trying to push start it...
  16. Back in the good old days all the races were started by push start, not standing as they do now. In fact, iirc, it was well into the 70's before the practice was abandoned.
  17. i've been clutch starting mine for a bit, but got a bit worried the otherday when it didn't work. got the new battery then preety quickly, but now the thing won't start, sounds like somthings jammed, just won't engage.

    don't know if all the clutch starts did it, but buy the battery just to save yourself the hassle.