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Push Right Go Right ?????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by zapper, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    First time older bloke 45+. I have just started riding and maybe its age or just fear but I am finding cornering, especially right hand curves the most difficult.

    I feel I cant lean well to the right, dont know why.

    Anyway, I did this googling and found this "Push Right Go Right" they write a lot of stuff about it in the US.
    This is about countersteering. I thought that might be my prob & might help.

    But what the heck does this mean ???? They say to go right you push left, but how does that link with Push Right Go Right ?

    So I though some for you blokes with more knoweldge & experience may help me to understand. The more I am thinking about it the more confused and nervous to ride I am getting. I feel I have not latched on to something very important.

    Thanks For Reading
  2. Seeing you're net savvy... find a copy of A Twist of the Wrist II by Keith Code (there's an ebook and a dvd) for download, or Sport Riding Techniques by Nick Ienatsch. Yes you push right to go right but these books/dvds will explain to you (lots on here as well) why it works etc, if you understand it then you'll be better able to employ it. If you're around the Kew or Clayton area in Melb and having trouble finding copies drop me a PM and i'll hook you up. These are also good to read/watch then go and try the techniques for a while then re-read/watch and you'll find the more experience you get the more the concepts make sense and click into place.

    My other advice would be careful what you read and take onboard... some people have some weird ideas about riding that go against everyone else, just make sure you pick the good bits!
  3. its usually called countersteering. search google or youtube for lots of info. first observed by the wright brothers I believe.
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  5. Welcome Zapper

    Firstly, the etiquette here is to intoduce yourself in the welcome thread before asking for help.

    Secondly, you're half right. The first part is wrong,the second part is right, right?

    Sorry, didnt mean to confuse you: countersteer means push right to go right. This happens at speeds over ???20kph or so. Due to some fancy physics which I will try to understand one day. Its counter intuitive, hence the term counter steer. At low speeds pushing the bar right will make you go left as you would expect.
  6. those keith code examples are pretty good... ive had a few months off riding, maybe i should watch them again...
  7. Thanks fellas for the replies. I will go to the links you provided.

    Sorry, I didnt know about introducing myself. Be pretty short post, I live in Syd and due to a really bad fall from a height where I broke some bones and spent some time in hospital I developed what they said was post traumatic stress and one thea****** said that to counter the fear & anxiety I needed to face fears.

    Long story short. I had a real fear of riding a motorbike, so I went for it. It was worked in one way.

    I will check the youtube stuff you blokes posted and may be back with more questions.

    Oh yeah, thinking of getting a private lesson with HART or the other mob near Granville. Problem I have to figure is transporting the bike to Mona Vale. Anyway, thats down the track.
  8. u could always rent their bikes zapper
  9. Yeah Goz always an alternative I guess.

    I gotta say though this turning left to go right is doing my head in. It must be all this physics, gyroscopes and stuff, that I have no clue about that has me stuffed.

    I think I get the bit about countersteering, which is like turning left, then to the right and this helps the bike stay upright yeah ????

    See I only go very short distances, may 3-5k each way a couple of times a week and in surburban backstreets to visit a mate or cousin. So my aim here isnt to do any freeway stuff its just a mode of transport around a couple of suburbs.

    That said, its generally enjoyable but sweeping right hand curves really seem a hurdle for me atm.

  10. Whereabouts are you Frank....err Zapper ?
  11. Hi Zapper

    You are also welcome to join us at Homebush on most Saturday's at 1:00PM where OzYoda (and often Goz) with a few assistants do some slow speed practice sessions which help learner riders out in preparing for their P's MOST.

    If you have a bike then bring that along and join in. If you don't have one yet and want to come along to see what it's all about, plus meet a few riders of all ages, then come in a car.

    Info on what and where can be found in the first post in this thread --> https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=97506

    Check the later posts for up to date planning for the upcoming weekend.

    I'm sure someone would be more than happy to demonstrate what countersteering is so you can see it first hand.

    Fun Ha!
  12. Zapped, don't overthink countersteering.
    The simple fact is...at anything above walking pace, you push left to go left and push right to go right.

    It is the single most important control that must become second nature to you.

    Without it, you simply cannot turn a motorcycle, will go straight ahead and crash on the fist corner you attempt.

    Forget the science behind it all for the time being.

  13. I dunno, John, being able to countersteer is critical, but I dunno about the sexing thing... ;)

    To the OP; try not to think of it as "turning the handlebars", like how turning the wheel of a car 90 degrees to the right makes the front wheels change direction a certain amount. Four-wheel and three-wheel vehicles are very different to two-wheelers like motorcycles and bicycles.

    Once the motorcycle reaches a self-stabilising speed (eg: above 30kph), the rider simply applies a force to the handlebar and the bike does the steering bit automagically, all by itself. You push (with a force) right, and the bike turns right.

    (If you're really game, you can glance down at the handlebars and you'll see that once the bike has leaned into the corner and everything's settled down, the bike's handlebars and front wheel are now steering to the right even though you're pushing the right handlebar away from you.)

    Pushing the bar with a force, not turning the bar like a steering wheel. :)
  14. Sweetie you and my dear self are around the same vintage....
    But perhaps there the similarities
    end, I was a wee slip of a thing (14) when started riding, I have also ridden at the track for many years.

    Sugarplum I cannot imagine riding my steed without the passion to do so.

    My dear fellow I want to ask you some questions.......

    Is your fear of turning right based on the fact that the right side of your body was traumatized in your fall?

    Do you have any lingering physical impediment?

    Do you feel in control of the bike our do feel the bike is controlling you?

    What sort of bike are you currently riding?

    Sugarplum the good news is that mechanisms exist to help you "Ride with the Fear"
  15. You are all doing it wrong my pretties.
    I pull right to go left and pull left to go right.. and then sometimes i just like to have a good pull.
    especially when that hunky dreamboat Raven posts a comment... take note of what he says, you are over thinking it.
    if you are managing to change direction at anything above waking pace you are allready countersteering... that's just how it works, you are tipping the bike into the direction you want it to go.

  16. No injuries to myself were on the left of my body. Sometimes I feel in control, other times not as in control, but not that the bike is controlling me, I dont control it well enough.
  17. Sounds like a good idea and a really worthwhile suggestion.

    Many thanks.
  18. when you guys say "push right" and "push left" you mean to do so with the opposite hand of the direction you want to go?? i.e. left hand push (right hand pull) to go right and right hand push (left hand pull) to go left. yes? no?

    or do you mean when you lean the bike into a right hander, to push with your right hand and when you lean into a left hander to push with your left hand?

    so this would apply when leaning the bike over?
    does this apply to cruisers or all bikes full stop.
  19. I'm pretty sure I've read [either it was on these forums or Twist of the Wrist II] that leaning is a by-product of countersteering as opposed to being the cause of it.

    You've got it the wrong way around though; you push the right handlebar forward with your right hand, which results in a turn [and lean] to the right side [same for the left]. Hence the "counter" in countersteering, because at walking speeds you'd be doing it the other way around.

    Definitely check out the videos goz posted and the Wikipedia article on countersteering should be helpful as an intro, though I can't guarantee its veracity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countersteering

    Counter steering applies to all types of motorcycles, scooters and even bicycles.
  20. Mav, countersterring is a fancy bit of physics.

    Go right, push with the right and vice versa with the left. Which is the opposite to what most people find logical. This basically causes a weight shift, to initiate the turn and from there everything sorts itself out.

    Similarly, subconciously when you are exitting a turn, you actually steer in the direction of the curve slightly more to initiate the weight shift back to centre to straighten up.

    It applies to all things 2 wheel related.