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VIC Push-pin rivets (nylon/plastic) for CBR1000RR 2004 Fairings

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    As the title implies, I'm after ~ 8 Black Nylon (plastic) push-pin rivets for the inner fairing side plastics just aft of the front wheel hugger.
    Bike : CBR1000RR Fireblade, 2004 model.

    I've been to wreckers and was given wrong ones, not that they had any other stock available.

    Any assistance much appreciated, this including suggestions as to where to purchase from Oz (already researched ebay-available o/seas).

    Needed ASAP.

    PM for any specific queries/details.

    Much appreciated,
  2. You can grab them from Kenma, and other places most likely (i've only dealt with Kenma though). Different types/sizes M6/7/8, not sure which suits the CBR.

    Better images to match the Kenma site here.
  3. I have generic ones I can give you Nick. Don't be shy if you want them.
  4. Strife - Thanks for the link - exactly what I was looking to find, in Oz.

    Chef - Mate, can't say enough how much I appreciate the offer. Might look into the above and if that fails will definitely be in touch.

    Thanks guys...much appreciated :)
  5. you can buy them at supercheap auto on the stand that has bolts nuts etc in packets

    scrivets I think they are technically called

    ( just bought some for my R1)
  6. Awww...read your message too late, M - already placed an order with Kenma (figured it best to buy and have spares for future reference).
    On the topic of 'future reference', thanks mate...I'll check out Supercheap Auto out as well.

    Your help is invaluable dudes - thank you.
  7. Can we derail the thread now?
  8. Chef,
    Great call dude. The link/s are here for anyone who needs this info in future but for now there's no further need for this thread to remain open....
    Again, thanks for the offer mate.

    Thread closing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.