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VIC Push for peace as rage rises between drivers & cyclists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chef, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Sorry Mods. I'm putting this into politics because it underpins our political problem.

    Riders - We need those GoPros going. Otherwise they're just NoPros. (I crack me up)

    We get blamed for SMIDSY, they get a news article. There is something seriously wrong here.

  2. Sooner or later everybody will have cameras fitted to their vehicles as standard.

    Then policy makers will get some clearer pictures of what actually goes on in crashes. If, that is, they choose to (then, as now, ideology and scape-goating-laziness will rule).

    And every time you overtake a dawdling car on a long empty stretch across unbroken lines, they'll submit the video evidence to the cops.
  3. This is the truth of matter eh. Everyone watching everyone.

    It may come across as hypicritical in light of my 'we're our own worst enemies' thread, but the reality lies in here somewhere. We're being watched there's no doubt about it, but who is watching the watchers?

    The cyclists above have been able to adequately demonstrate what the roads look like from their perspective (and ours), but we haven't been able to do that for ourselves.

    Imagine for a moment if the rider who got the SMIDSY treatment from the copper had a helmet cam. Imagine the channel 7 news report then. Imagine how the crash investigation would go.

    We can either lag behind and have road users submitting footage of us unanswered, or we can catch on quick and stick it to them before they shaft us.

    We need to look after our own interests from here on in. Every other road user is being looked after except us.
  4. No-pro's, I see what you did there!

    As a full time cyclists at the moment, segregation is not the answer, it just moves the point of conflict.

    At least if you're riding on the road, cars automatically give way when they come to a t intersection, not so when you're on a cycle path 3 or 4 metres back.
  5. Something which M Wigan has switched me on to is that cycling has been shifted from a safety issue to a fully fledged road modality which includes matters of safety.

    Motorcycling however has been pigeon holed totally as a safety issue.

    That's why cycling gets articles and funding while motorcycling gets bias, police operations, intransigent authorities and a bollocking, DESPITE having the same injury and death rate as cycling.
  6. They're seen as 'greenies' helping the planet. We're seen as 'hoons' riding wheelie machines. Unfortunately there is an element of truth to both and the media milk it as much as they can.
  7. Pardon my cynacism, but we would still want a witness. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the copper saw the gopro on the riders helmet and deleted the footage/smashed the camera... I find it very difficult to trust police after the experiences I've had/seen. Sad really.
  8. Seems strangely familiar.

    She said she was most alarmed by how rarely drivers looked for cyclists, and called for a change of emphasis in safety programs.

    “Cycling safety campaigns usually focus on changing cyclists' behaviour, where the emphasis should be on changing driver behaviour,” Ms Johnson said.

    “If a driver cuts you off or opens their door in front of you, there's nothing you can do to change your behaviour in that situation. Those two examples and so many I see are about changing driver behaviour.”
  9. This is evidence to support that people really are driving slower and the stupid ad campaigns and lowering of speed limits is working to reduce fatalities. What the hell is their problem? Oh, you say you want to reduce the rate of accidents now? Well, why didn't we just try doing that in the first place!?

    Sometimes I am nearly brought to tears over how much potential positive brain power in the world is wasted on absolutely atrocious ideas. This isn't restricted to road safety, either...
  10. Bicycle groups and transport safety researchers say an emphasis on driver education is desperately needed to reduce... experts say it is time for the state government to introduce awareness campaigns similar to those...

    Are these people serious? Ask for education and stop at awareness campaign... really, what are they thinking?
  11. Awareness campaigns allows government spending to go to the pockets of the media conglomerates who say nice things about the pollies in their news bulletin so the stupid vote for them so they can waste more money on more advertisement

    And the cycle continues.