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Push Bike Lane Usage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by android, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Good Morning people

    Riding my push bike down Royal Parade, Parkville this morning, I saw a cop car and motorbike parked near Cemetary Rd. With them was a scooter, who took off just as I rode past. I am assuming that the reason this scooter was pulled over was because she was using the push bike lane. This is the first time I have seen them there.

    Just an FYI.
  2. I do the same thing on Nepean Highway. Slow as possible. I had one cyclist abuse me for using the lane and after that he took off through a red light.

    I pay rego and insurance and fuel taxes and have to ride around potholes.

    Cyclist's pay nothing and get a lane made for them.

    It's illegal for a powered vehicle to use the bike lane. I still use it when I have to.
  3. I used the Nepean Highway bike lane quite a bit Wednesday before last (during the huge storm) but only because I was on emergency callout and had to report for duty ASAP. There were no cyclists around otherwise I would have taken my chances amongst the cages. It still took the best part of an hour to get from Moorabbin to Port Melbourne.
  4. I have heard that there is a proposal with the coppers to make it legal for motorbikes to use the kiddy bike lane. Not sure how good the info is though...

    It is a bugger that these road leeches pay sweet FA but get a section of the road marked out just for them. If anything bikes have more cause as it would reduce lane splitting which so annoys some car dummies and would allow us safe passage during bad traffic.
  5. It's a bit harsh generalising that cyclists are road leaches, you'll find the majority of them also drive cars. Personally speaking I have 3 bicycles, but also a motorbike and a car. Cycling along a busy road with a bicycle lane is a godsend, and I'd hate to see any motorised vehicle being allowed to use that space. Sure you could cut down on a bit of lanesplitting, but at least motorbikes have the advantage at the lights to accelerate ahead of traffic (except me on my CB250 :cry: ). Keep bike lanes for the bicycles IMHO.
  6. You should have heard the cop at last night's talk for the truck drivers, RE: the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

    Basically, the pushbikes are to be given "right of way" on the road (and they won't be penalised for riding 5 abreast, or forming a "road train" 1km long)....
    The truck drivers were told (in not so many words) that "If you get too close to the bikes, and something happens and one falls off, YOU will be at Fault, regardless of the circumstances!"

    The cop was not very popular, I can tell you!

    As for using pushbike lanes - I reckon we should have Motorcycle lanes too.

    Somebody tell me if my idea is flawed...

    Bikes really only need 2 metres of room to travel at speed - if the centre of the road had two 2 metre lanes (ie: 4m across, 2m for each direction) we could have a nice safe buffer zone for motorcycles to pass cars without having to weave in and out of traffic.
    The cost of such a "venture" should be comparable to putting in an extra lane.
    Of course, roads that are as wide as they can be already, wouldn't be able to handle this.... :?

    It mightn't help you guys in the city (where you should be able to use the bike lanes if it's safe) - but along the Princes Hwy in places would be handy - Motorbike only "overtaking lanes" :D
  7. I'm with Spectre on this one. I also ride pushbikes and in an earlier thread I mentioned that if there is a luxury 4WD on the market I have nearly been hit by it. In so many ways I wish there were more bike paths and for bicycles only. Beach road is screaming for one (on the road for triathletes and other road bike users, not the semi pedestrian footpath one that is a health hazard for the serious rider). Bicycles may not generate road tax but the attendant congestion, pollution and health benefits more than make up for it. I am not proud of having used bike paths the other day but I did it because I cant go EVS on a motorbike and it was an emergency callout.

    We just have to make do with transit lanes on the free (toll) ways. I seriously wish there was a definite legal clarification (probably is but not widely distributed) as to lane splitting legality because no two coppers seem to agree on it.
  8. hey ummmm, get stuffed eh dude....

    i agree, motorbikes should have special considerations, but the reason for a bicycle lane is purely for safety. it is just downright dangerous for us to ride on the road in the same lane as traffic, we cant go the same speed so we cant sit in traffic. i feel a SHITLOAD safer on my motorbike than on the pushy, you may be going faster on a motorbike but you dont have to deal with assholes passing you at twice your speed, 2 inches from your elbow half the time.

    pedestrians dont want us on the footpaths and road users dont want us on the road. where the hell would you like us to go may i ask?

    due to being a cyclist aswell, i dont use the bicycle lane to get past traffic. coppers like it much less than they like lane splitting and i know how much i hate it when i nearly get taken out by an impatient car or sometimes even motorbike that decides to jump into the lane. i dont mind motorbikes jumping in the bike lane as long as they're careful, but i cant stand when cages do it and toot their horns at me cos i'm going too slow in my lane and then get stuck in traffic 20 meters up the road :evil:
  9. It's illegal, unless you are crossing it to enter another road, driveway/entry, or parking spot. Got booked for using it along Albert Park Lake Rd earlier this year.
  10. :facepalm: lucky most people in the position to make a call like that arent completely stoopid eh :wink:
  11. i'm with the push-cyclists on this one, actually...

    i bought a push-bike a while ago with the sole purpose of riding to work in mind (when i'd taken a job in scoresby, which i've since told them to shove)...

    i rode from oakleigh to scoresby and back one afternoon to make sure i knew how long it would take me to get there of a morning... and it's gotta be down as one of the worst experiences i've had since reaching melbourne...

    and as such the pushbike got parked, and i got lifts / PT'd it to work....

    if they are trying to encourage useage of pushbikes instead of cars, they really need more friggin' bicycle lanes and bike-friendly roads, with nice wide bitumen shoulders, not gravel...

    other road users give you no respect whatsoever, i almost got collected by 3 trucks, and was constantly honked at and abused by other vehicles on the road for riding along the edge of the road where there was no footpath available...

    despite the fact i ride a motorbike myself and hate being stuck in traffic, the last thing i'd want on a pushbike would be to have motorbikes zipping past me when i'd just managed to find a cycle lane and get away from the cars...

    i'll happily ride in the emergency lane on the freeways when traffic is crawling/stopped and will admit to taking the bike over footpaths (at very slow speeds) once or twice when no-one was using them, but i wont ride in pushbike lanes....
  12. I'll put that statement with the common cage driver one that we should be paying 10 times the rego on motorbikes to reflect the healthcare costs. Not to mention the common cage driver one that motorbikes should be banned altogether.
  13. (I hope this @!##%!@ quote thing works!)

    I see where you're coming from Marty, but as an example I'm an occasional bicyclist, and I pay over $800 rego a year, and I'm sure I'm not alone. The other side of the coin is perhaps as motorcyclists we should start paying for Citylink and parking? We have it pretty good already, and there really is room for everyone.
  14. But not as good as cyclist. User pays I say :)
  15. fact is mate, no-one wants the world to turn into a great big tub of lard, and getting ppls on bikes is one way to reduce that just a little. contrary to popular beleif, excercise DOES actually help you keep fit and lose weights :shock: and cycling happens to be a form of excercise, one that might be enjoyed by more people if they could be stuffed getting off their comfy asses.

    kiddies need to get around and adults need to keep fit, bike lanes are necessary for so many reasons. its unsafe for cyclists to be in traffic, it keeps us out of your way so you dont have to swear at us and abuse us etc etc....

    as much as you might hate us, i gaurantee you wont like hitting one of us. i've been smacked around quite a few times by cars and every time the driver is more shaken up than i am.

    and we have been over this before too. you cant make bikes pay rego cos it just wouldn't work. you cant ban us from the roads either so where are you left? right where we are. the sooner you deal with it, the sooner you can get on with griping about something that might be able to change....
  16. Hey um, kiss my arse pal. And don't "dude" me either, bloody yank slang....

    You bicycles boys want to use the road like everyone else? Pay some fcuking taxes like everyone else. You get special consideration why exactly? I stand by my comments. Bicycles are in my view a recreational vehicle so go ride at a bike track somewhere and enjoy the birdies and fresh air. Otherwise, pay like the rest of us to use the roads and perhaps think about wearing more than some poofy lycra shorts as protection. No one asked you to ride in traffic any more than anyone asked bikers to. Don't be so precious about "your" bike lane, I've had my life endangered more often on my Honda than on my pushy (yes, I own one too) so I'd like some special treatment too, I pay for the right after all.