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Push-bike helmets

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I saw two minions of the law, push-bike variety, in Wollongong today, and I was struck by the helmets they were wearing. They were very 'space-age', angular both front and rear. Now motorcylce helmets are smooth in contour, both for aerodynamics, but also so they don't 'grip' the road and reef your head around if you fall off. I know the speeds are lower for pushies but surely their helmets ought to be smooth too, for the same reasons???

  2. Principles of fluid dynamics Paul . . .
    You know laminar flow and turbulent flow and all that, resulting in noise as a by-product.

    Can you imagine how your ears would be ringing with an angular non-smooth helmet at 80km/h ?
  3. not too mention how cold it would get in winter wearing all that lycra :grin:
  4. With the speeds you do on a push bike, if and when you come off you would stop very quickly. You wouldn't need to worry about sliding along the road for a distance with your angular helmet banging off everything.

    Bicycle helmets are there for one thing, once off impact protection (ie. thrown over the bars) as opposed to the multiple beatings a motorcycle helmet may take during one crash.

  5. ...and to make your head look like a condom in a wind-tunnel.
  6. Something like this?


    Aerodynamics my friend, not so easy to put a bump on the back of your lycra singlet like the one on race leathers.
  7. Not sure!

    Despite all my crashes on and offroad on my mountainbike, the only time I've ever actually "used" my helmet (so to speak) was when at 30kph I thought "I can duck that treebranch!"...
  8. Airflow through the helmet is pretty important for pushie riders. This is if you look back at the first helmets post the esky on the head look you will find the apperance of vents. Now they made sense but as with most things fashion takes over and helmet manufacturers want to make thier products the groooviest baby :cool:

    Oh and as said before it's about protecting you from the initial BUMP that's important.

    My full face downhill helmet is smoooooth besause as you have rightly pointed out you don't want that snagging on a few sharp rocks.
  9. If the idea is to protect the brain, then most of the pushie riders I see in Perth should be wearing the damn thing on their ass.....