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Pure Evil

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by russ, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Ahh, bless...
  2. Reminds me of those "Gremlins" movies
  3. Sheeeesh I reckon it would get on well with Sid my Ferret
  4. That is the US national champ for the ugliest dog comp. Really. Had an article in the Herald Sun recently. Looks like he's going to be retired next year due to old age.
  5. ok who's been taking pictures of my mother coming out of the shower again???? Grobert?????
  6. uh, you must like your mother alot
  7. if you had seen her when she gets mad you'd understand
  8. When I saw the topic was Pure Evil, I thought it was about Michael Costa(NSW roads minister). That dog looks better than he does!
  9. and has more hair.......!
  10. That sure is Pure Evil!

    I am going to have nightmares!