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Pure Awesome Pictures Of Awesomeness

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lazy Libran, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. All right guys & gals..some awesome pics need to go in here.

    Here's one..

  2. This one is a bit big. Sorry. Is there any way to edit the code some to scale it?

  3. There's one I've never been able to find again. A couple years back, two bra boys headed over WA to surf a deap sea bommie. There's a pic of one of them, about 3' below sea level inside a 10' high cavern trying to get out before he gets hit by a 6' lip.


  4. rehost it on imageshack, it'll lock the proportions and resize for you
  5. Is it just me or is Bruce Willis missing half his body in the first pic?
  6. ,....................
  7. Lilley, delete the pic and just add the link, that pic is too big mate.
  8. Dunno, but either Sly is standing on a box or the other two are in a hole.
  9. I thought Arnie was taller than that... It's starting to smell of the shop a little that pic.
  10. Arnie 6"1'
    Sly 5"9'
    Bruce 5"11'

    pic seems right to me

    although sly looks like he is sucking in the gut to prop up his height a little
  11. Height is also very dependant on posture. A slouch can drop someones height by a good two inches if it's good enough.
  12. This is pretty good.

    Bear in mind he'd be doing something close to 130mph at this point.

    Here's the same car today. 600+bhp of front brakeless, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable heritage. In the wet :twisted:.

    Bugger. Pics and text out of sequence.

    Attached Files:

  13. How the HELL does he get air in the first pic?
    And that second one: that's the famous old hill climb event in the UK, right? Prescott? Harewood?
  14. Brooklands developed a big bump in it where the track crossed the River Wey on a bridge. The track settled over the years but the bridge did not, resulting in a rather hairy section on the banking. There was a longitudinal line painted on the concrete on the banking (visible in the background) and, at least for the faster cars, it was imperative to be below this line when hitting the hump or they'd fly dangerously close to the top edge. There are other photos of airborne machinery at the same point but the car in the photo, the Napier Railton, holds the lap record in perpetuity at about 145mph and so is particularly iconic.

    During my UK trip last year, one of the more memorable experiences was a trip up the Test Hill and around one of the remaining bits of the banking, driven by a mad old bastard in a lightweight special with a honking great (by UK standards) Ford V6 up front. No helmets, seat belts, windscreen, mudguards, mufflers nor any throttle position other than wide open. It were great :twisted:. Well worth the quid it cost me :D.

    The second pic is from the Goodwood Festival of Speed so it'll be the driveway of the Goodwood estate which is certainly typical of British hillclimb venues. Tea on the lawn, strawberries and cream and the waft of castor and methanol. Luvverley :D.
  15. Lucky bastard