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Purchise Help??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RIX, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. hey,
    ok people i hav got my list down to 3 bikes 2x zzr 600 and a fzr600

    now the zzr's are identical apart from year one is '91 and other is '93
    the 91 one has done 33k and the 93 has done 41 both bout the same condition (pretty clean) the 91 is $5,000 and 93 is $4,600

    the fzr600 is a 95 from a dealer its done 31k and its $6800 (few lil scratches)

    so what yas think i know ultimately its my decision but jus thought id see what yous would suggest!

    cheers rick
  2. Er.... the 93 ZZR seems the best on price. And you'll talk him down from there.

    Ridden them all? Any stand out?
  3. If it was me I would go option 2 so you could splash some cash on riding gear etc !

    so long as its mech sound and all that
  4. sorry i forgot to metion the 93 one has been dropped and the scratches hav been touched up painted but i hav they both ride well! but the 93 mufflers sound funny and look like they are rusting from the inside out?
  5. ok ......
    so youre already talking yourself out of the 93 - that now leaves your decision between the 91 & 95 !
  6. ok ......
    so youre already talking yourself out of the 93 - that now leaves your decision between the 91 & 95 !
    or .....
    you could continue looking and find one bike that fits all your criteria
  7. Don't like the sound (groan) of those mufflers.
  8. could be up for replacements?
  9. could be up for replacements?
  10. Yep, almost definitely, and it would be cheaper to replace with after-market if that's the case.

    Of course, if you're a good haggler, you could bargain a better price on this basis.

    (I presume you've had a second opinion on these bikes, another Netrider, or qualified friend??)
  11. yes i will be takeing both of them this weekend to a frend with some knowhow lol

    would i be beta off getting some brand name pipes? for some extra$$?
  12. Quick comment - I don't think that there is a 1995 fzr600... I thought they stopped in 1994. There are yzf600r's after that.

    I may be wrong...

    (note: redbook.com.au backs me up on that point though)
  13. If you buy that bike, no matter what, by your description, the pipes will have to be replaced, at least the mufflers will. I'd be putting some pressure on the dealer to:
    1. replace them at his expense
    2. knock the cost of their replacement off the sale price
  14. the yam dealer (dodgy) told me it was actually a 96 and i thought they stoped in 95? :? :-k