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Purchasing Z750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by virtual_circuit, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone i am going to be purchasing a new bike this week. 2005 Kawasaki Z70 with ~29000kms on it. I did a test ride this weekend, and bargained for a good price with the guy. I thought i would post on here just to see if anyone knows of anything in particular i should watch out for with this bike. I know it needs a new chain and sproket soon and also new tyres.

    Also just want to check i am doing the purchase process correct. The bike has finance It also has no rego as he let his QLD rego expire when he just moved down to Sydney.

    So i am going to cut him 2 checks one for the finance company and whatever is left for him, i asked him to get me a blue slip before i purchase. The only thing im not sure about is how do i prove i own the bike, is a Statutory declaration enought as its from interstate..? (Im an engineer so i can sign the stat dec). I did a REVS check and it came up fine other than the finance.
  2. A written declaration should suffice as long as it has the frame and engine numbers in it. Something along the lines of this should do it:

    "I, Mr Seller of Biketown QLD, have sold one Kawasaki Z750 motorcycle of (VIN & plate numbers) to a Mr Virtual_Circuit, who resides in Ridertown NSW, and delcare that it has been paid for in full with no money owing. This is effective as of (the date you pick it up).

    (Signatures and printed names)"

    I don't know of anything specific, but check for braking response and feel, as well as any clunkiness or flase neutrals in the gearchange which might indicate abuse or lax maintenance. Same with willingness to rev and roll-on performance. Check for any smoke (especially on start-up) as well as any oil leaks or non-functioning items such as gauges or lights.

    Hope it goes well, you'll have a blast once its yours!

    - boingk
  3. Above all else, I'd question why you're buying a Z750. From a purely mechanical point of view, that engine is the Z1000/ZX9R powerplant except its cylinders have been sleeved down to 750cc. So it's heavier and less powerful.

    I'm sure they're not bad bikes, but they're a mechanically neutered version of a perfectly good engine. I'd say you're probably better off getting a Z1000 or another midsize i4 that's designed to be light and quick... Just my opinion.

    In terms of what to look out for... Those gearboxes can wear badly if it's been flogged. Camchains can get very noisy but that's not necessarily a big problem. Chains, sprockets, brakes, suspension... These things can be freshened up after purchase if need be.
  4. Def get it all down in writing :)

    No rego ($500), tyres (500-550ish) and sprockets (400ish inc labour) need replacing. Sounds about right if you're paying less than 5k, so good luck.

    Without an official transfer of ownership form you can simply have a receipt for the bike, listing all of its details (I went through the same thing buying from ACT).

    Details to include; Make, Model, Year, Colour, Odometer, Registration, VIN Chasis Number, Engine Number, Date of transaction, buyer and seller details (name, license number, address), signatures of both parties and preferably a witness sig as well.
  5. There are no Z1000's available for the price that i want, and i am getting this for a good price =p If i could find a Z1000 for super cheap i would defiantly be interested! =p thanks for the tips with the gearbox, I set my budget at <$6000 including maintenance and rego etc, and i cant find a decent Z1000 for this price =p.