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Purchasing - Online V Offline.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Komanche Sly, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Hi all , Im pretty new around here but I thought Id make a thread based upon my last week or two shopping for bike gear. It seems even more prominent after reading the locked bikebiz thread...... anyhoo....

    This may interest some or it may not but I found it an interesting experience non the less.

    Here we go..

    Im picking up my bike tomorrow , havent ridden for a good few years , thought Id get back into it.
    I found the right bike earlier than I thought I would so needed a full set of gear and needed it quick.

    For weeks now Ive been scouring the internet looking at comparisons and prices for just about everything. (all Australian based stores , btw).

    Tonight I bought it all , from real shops with real people in who have real advice and are real friendly!!

    I buy heaps of stuff online , all kinds of stuff from all over. Asia , USA , UK and here in my new home of Oz so I have zero qualms about buying anything online. Ive been an ebay and amazon.co.uk member for 10 years.
    I checked out some prices , reviews etc (and read alot of good info on here , so thanks for that) and pretty much decided what I wanted so decided to look at prices in Ringwood , Victoria.
    If anyone doesnt know there are a few places there in very close proximity to each other which , in general , is always good news for the consumer.

    I had a budget in mind and knew what it would have cost me to buy it all online , obviously taking a guess on how well it would fit , but nonetheless was prepared to buy it in a shop and was prepared to spend an extra 10% or so that I thought would be the difference between internet shops and real stores.

    Tonight I went into three stores on the Maroondah Highway and told the guys serving what I required.
    After some two-ing and fro-ing I decided what I wanted , and this is the result.

    Store one -
    Hornee cargos - $220
    Knee and shin pads - Free
    Alpine stars GP Plus gloves - $199
    Al[pinestars GPS 3 boot - $299
    "We'll do it all for $670 , how does that sound"

    Lets compare this to:
    And the boots http://www.bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lang=en-us&target=p2856.html&lmd=39864.486308
    Store Two -
    DriRider Jacket - $299
    "I can give you it for $270"
    (Its not quite the same , but its pretty close)

    Store Three -
    "Yeah , we got a sale on the helmets even though there is no sticker , we'll do you it for $419."

    So there you go.

    I didnt bargain , I didnt haggle or even threaten to take my business elsewhere. I wanted what was right for me and the guys in the shop knew that too.
    I ended up getting exactly what I wanted , when I wanted it and at a decent price.
    I also know it looks good and I know it fits and it fits well.

    If you want dvds , xbox games and cool trainers from the US then shop online , you would be crazy not to!!
    If you want bike gear go to your local shops.
  2. Online vs offline

    I have a policy of always giving my local bike shop the first shot at any bike related gear I want. If you don't support your local businesses, don't complain when they fold up and you lose the convenience of a store/service provider on your doorstep.
    I'm quite prepared to pay more than for an online purchase so long as the difference isn't ridiculous - and I have to say that I have never found this to be the case.
  3. And just think, if you were a member of Netrider a few weeks ago you could of gone to the Bikemart shopping night! and probably saved a little extra.
    Linky to thread

    And it is still worth getting membership, as atm the money goes to the Red Cross, and you get other discounts as well.
  4. The only motorcycling item that I've bought from overseas are my boots. And that's because I saved $170 (thats when times were good $AUD1 = $USD0.93).
    All my other gear has been bought locally (BikeMart & PSM in Ringwood).

    When buying my gear, I treat like any other goods or services that I purchase - I shop around. I look for customer service, availability, price.
  5. Unfortunately, as i live up in the middle of ^%$#@#$&%&* Northern Territory and have a space of 326kms between traffic lights, i must choose an online option 9/10 times.

    The only trouble i have had with buying stuff online, is a recent debarcle involving SHARK helmets and the distributer unwillingness to send it to the NT ( he wanted to slap 200 bucks extra for the privilege) plus i cannot try anything on in the local bike shop, as he only stocks dirt bike gear and quad stuff ( Katherine is rather rural and u gotta bend to demand ).

    Needless to say i had to cancel my SHARK dreams and invested in a SHOEI which my local has to order so its crossed fingers with sizing.

    Otherwise i have found the people i have met thru Netrider and on my travels in Melbourne have been extremely helpful with advice.

    So, i happily pay the extra money online, or for freight thru the local shop. Works out the same.

    :beer: :biker:
  6. I know the bike shop in Katherine. I stayed in the motel opposite it for a week or so when I was a traveller.
    Its next door to a hunting / hardware shop if I remember.

    I always thought that was pretty cool and made me formulate a plan incase the place suffered a zombie invasion while I was there. I had visions of myself flying around on a bike from there during my midnight sautees into zombie territory , stopping at the hardware store to procure axes , nailguns and obviously chainsaws. :cool:
  7. why not try it on in store than buy on net, still get the right size, no what it looks like and how it feels, and you still save money.
    thats what i did for all my bike gear, $1100 suit for $720, same applies to all my snowboarding stuff, $900 board for $400, $550 jacket for $230, etc.
  8. Yep, Katherine will make u do that. The demand for chainsaws and nailguns to be fitted to quads and motorcycles up here is phenominal, LOL!

    No Thursday MRs up here, due to zombie invasions, kamakaze wallabies and sleeping locals on the road... but its mainly coz of the zombies

  9. I just saved $199 buying a shoei helmet online.....
    Turned up in three days and comes with full warranty.
  10. Because when everybody does that then there will no longer be any local dealers to go try stuff on at, talk shit to or ask for a good deal on the new OMGCBR6ZX9 due out soon.