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Purchasing new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PEEair, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Not sure if this is in the right section but I'm checking out an 07 CBR 600RR tomorrow at 11 am in Doncaster East. It has about 30,000 km on it. Does anyone here that live near there want to help me look at it?

  2. Looks like yer on yer own . Good luck with the buy.
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  3. Look like it. Thanks.(y)
  4. So, How'd it go man ?
  5. I bet he hadnt thought of that.
  6. Going through the list Blabbs?
  7. No,but captain obvious is a genius.
  8. I think you are going to be his new hobby. Ever considered a name change?
  9. All went well, got the bike home.The bike was serviced at E2W.
    Now just need to get a new set of tyres and wait 2 weeks until I'm off restriction :mad:
  10. Congrats

    Now to start learning again :LOL:
  11. Oh yeah definitely. Tried riding it and stalled 3 times. Only stalled once on my Ninja 250r. This bike is much louder than my Ninja so I keep letting out the clutch when the RPM is too low.
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  12. Grats on your first "Biggie".. Enjoy .