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Purchasing My First "BIG BIKE" This week-PICS UP!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Ive just come off my restrictions and have been looking around for a 600 for ages. On sunday went to have a look at a kawasaki ninja 2006 zx636. Was love at first site! bikes only done 567km and is brand new. Im paying 10,000 for it with 12 months rego. Great deal IMO. Will be picking it up on friday!

    Bike didnt start straight up as it had been sitting there for 3 weeks not ridden. That was all fine, the guy charged it up and i went back a few hours later and was running well. Left a 300 dollar deposit on the bike, the guy wrote out a recipt all good.

    Stupid mistake i made was not writing down the VIN Number or Engine Number. I called the guy and he smsed me the bikes details. I then did a vic roads check and the Vin number he provided me was missing a 0 in the engine number compared to the one that came up on vic roads. The vin number and the vehicle number matched. Does this sound dodgy?Could of just been an honest error. I know the bike was purchased from peter stevens in the city so if i called them will they give me all the details about the bike? When i go to pick up the bike later this week obviously i will check the numbers for myself before handing over cash. My only concern is ive had this exact same issue with a previous car of mine. APparantly what they do is leave a random digit out of the engine number. Turns out my car had a stolen engine in it. Could this be the same situation? The guy seems genuine are there any other chekcs i can do to make sure this bike is legit?

    Some guidance would be appreciated guys

  2. Just check it against the actual one when you pick it up.

    Guy could have just missed it in the SMS.

    They're a good bike, man. I have a 2002, my mate had the 2005 and hates himself for selling it.
  3. Yeh mate i cant wait! All through my 250 days i wanted a ninja. Dunno wat it was about them but just love the look of them! Been looking at all the 600hundred options and went close to buying a gixer or an r6. Luckey i didnt coz the moment i saw this ninja 636 i knew i wanted it! Had made my decision even before i sat on it lol

    Will post pics up when i get it providing the engine number is legit!
  4. I'd have upgraded mine by now if it wasn't such a bloody comfortable bike, that was reliable and good at everything :p

    I rode a mate's '98 model when I was on my L's and couldn't believe how well it fit me, so I knew I had to have one when I got my full license.

    Puig make a pretty kickarse double-bubble screen for your model, btw, if you want to put some shiny bits on :)
  5. Thanks mate will definately have a look into it :)
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  7. Nice bike. I'm still considering a 636, I like the way they come with a slipper clutch.
  8. a 636 was actually the first big bike i rode, I still regret not buying the one I rode!

    Enjoy mate!
  9. Congrats, the 05-06 model is one my favourite bikes, especially in blue. But kawa green is growing on me..

    Motorbikes > [non motorbike] travel :LOL: Whats donkey riding these days?
  10. He's a got an 86 Honda XR600 which he takes off-road.

    Awesome bike.
    Did my first wheelies on it.

    ... but he's shopping for ZX10R's and has his finger hovering over the "Call" button to ring the bank.
  11. I just bought an 05 model 636 on the weekend too :)

    Coming off a ZX7R.

    Not a massive step up in power or anything, but feels heaps more nimble. I lacked confidence at first because of the light front end in comparison to the ZX7R, but after a 150kms or so, it's rapidly growing on me...

    bit sad it's so quiet. even with the yoshi pipe under the seat it's really sensible in comparison to the zx7 as far as noise goes.

    keen to get a steering dampener!!
  12. Dial up noobs don't bother with this one...
  13. lol sorry was the first time ive used photoshop!
  14. Nice looking bike there mate.
    Car too...
  15. I like that satin blue. Better than the glossy blue of the 250 :grin:

  16. Congrats on the new ride Ninja03, love them in that colour!

    I'm leaning towards a zx6r myself for when I get off my P's, such a nice looking bike.
  17. Great stuff !! Its a Kwaka, and its blue !! :twisted:
  18. Thanks Guys!

    JM i definately reccommend the ninja! They are an awsome bike. Love everything about it!