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Purchasing Interstate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone purchased a bike interstate before?

    I see a few dealers in QLD have bikes on sale that sound too good to be true (for someone from NSW).

    Do you know what costs are involved in transport and getting it on road?

    I've purchased cars interstate before, so was wondering if its the same process

    Blue Slip

    Where do you take a bike to get a blue slip?

    The aforementioned deals in Qld:

    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...2 604 1429 4294967267 4294967096 500&__Nne=15



    970 kms? Sounds fake?
  2. i can understand low k's, i really can. but only 970!?!?
  3. I'll call them on next working day...

    I'm just thinking.... if it were a demo bike, it may have been thrashed while its in its run in period? Do you think?
  4. hmm... if it was a demo bike i'd take it!

    i love demo bikes :D

    yeah definitely call them in that case! i didn't even think about demos :)
  5. The one with 970Kms looks a bit dodgy to me...that's a very low mileage for a 2008 bike!

    The other bike with 4060Kms is being sold by a Yamaha Platinum dealer...looks more like the real deal.

    Here is the link to bike transport companies, on this site, give some a call for quotes.
  6. Make sure you tell the dealer they are going iterstate, those prices include QLD stamp duty etc, so close to a grand will come of, before you have to shove it to the NSW government
  7. Cant you legally drive/ride vehicles registered in other states for x amount of time?
  8. 3 months on interstate rego,
  9. Some people buy bikes and dont ride them, For whatever reasons,

    International site I am on, Theyre still picking up 13 year old Blackbirds with 1000 Miles on the clock in perfect condition,

    Theres a big Kwaka in my street that hasnt been ridden in 4 or 5 years,
  10. Why don't you go up & ride bike home?.... save on transport costs.
  11. Ive done it, bought from QLD, saved 4 grand.
    Easy as hell.
  12. fly there > buy bike > ride home
  13. Be aware of cars & bikes which have been drowned in the recent floods in Queensland popping up interstate or on line.........
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, riding back 9 hours on that... I don't think thats going to be good for my posture!
  15. You can get a bike shipped interstate for $400.00
  16. also wondering about the costs, Melbourne to Gold Coast.
    $400- what company and would they ship to your residence or local depo...
  17. Just curious, how do you plan on inspecting the bike?
  18. im very old school/fashioned and take peoples word for it...
    not true. if it is something i go ahead with ill take up the offer of asking someone from these forums who may live in close proximity to the bike. and repay him with beer :p