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Purchasing Boots for my BF

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Umi, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Heya,

    I'm currently doing some research on purchasing a pair of Alpinestars SMX-Plus boots for my BF's birthday in Dec and just wanted to get some advice.
    I've had a look at some US sites, one that was recommended on an old thread doesn't ship to Aus anymore :( and another I emailed and phoned who were rather unhelpful and somewhat rude. The best price I found on a US site (www.newenough.com) was $US252, which works out to be $AUD339, but then with shipping is between $AUD400 - $441.

    Since, I've found the boots for $AUD449 on motogear.com.au so it doesn't seem worth getting them from the US, especially since it'd be a hassle if anything went wrong with the shipping.

    If anyone has any helpful advice, i'd be very greatful. Thanks a bunch!

  2. I would get them from an Australian site, much less hassle if you had to return them due to them being the wrong size or an uncomfortable fit.
  3. I wouldn't buy boots that I couldn't try on first. I went shopping for some a couple of weeks ago and the sizing between models varies greatly. Generally buying from the US is slightly cheaper. Maybe try Flyinbrians on ebay maybe they have them.
  4. cheers, thanks for your help :)
  5. your best bet may be to try and buy from a local store.

    I tried on a few different brands before settling on Sidi's. Most of the others (in my price range) did not have half sizes or the disparity between sizes was too much. A Europeon 47 was too small and the 48 was too large.

    If you can buy from a local shop at least they can be taken back if they are the wrong size/feel and exchanged on the spot, rather than screwing around with mailing for 2 weeks only to get another pair that do not fit.

    My 2c
  6. just my opinion but i reakon its uncomforable riding in proper boots. i guess its something u get used to.

    but i bought a pair and hardly ever wear them just cause it doesnt feel right.

    i guess wat im trying to get at is, does ure b/f want boots?? or were u goin to surpirse him cause i know some of my bike friends also say they uncomfortable.

    now im just rambling mite shut up now,.
  7. Yeah, a few of his mates have the SMX Plus, and like them, that's why i was looking at those in particular. I think they'd be the ones he'd get if he was buying them. I got him leathers last year, so thought boots would be good to go with them. Not sure what else to get :?
  8. hmmmm, you need to talk to my wife.....right near birthday time :LOL:
  9. Umi, buy at a local store so he can change them easily if he needs to. Boots are a very personal things, feet being the funny shapes they are. :) There are plenty of Alpinestar stockists in Australia.

    I recently bought SIDI Strada Tepor Evo boots as I found them very comfortable compared to hard core boots, but are still a serious enough boot for my kind of riding (touring and twisties).

    Ensize, you just bought the wrong boots. I hope you are wearing them when you first come off the bike, so you still have a foot, and ankle when you stop sliding down the road. :cry:
  10. Sure thing, Joel - although, I have to say my lovely bf quite enjoys going into Tiffany's :grin: that's not to say you don't do anything lovely for your wife........
  11. Thanks for the feedback - do you not think I should go for Alpinestars?
  12. Umi,
    Alpinestars make great boots, but I didn't like them for myself. They were too much like race boots, uncomfortable, or not robust enough for me. I tried on lots of boots before buying mine. My comment about the comfort of the SIDI Strada Tepor Evo boots was more directed at Ensize than your selection.

    I guess my point was that I found it quite difficult to find boots that I really liked, so buying a specific style for someone else, especially over the internet, may result in a poor fit, or unsuitable boots. Hence my comment about finding boots in a local store, preferably one where you have agreement you can return them for a refund if they are not suitable. Of course most stores carry more than one brand, so your BF could select from their range.

    If you fill in your location on your Forum Profile, some of us here may be able to suggest a good store for you to go to.

    Honestly, I think it is fantastic that you are making the effort to select a useful present that your BF will like and can use, which is what joelridescbr meant as well, I'm sure. Your BF will like whichever boots you get, even if he has to change them. :grin: :cool:
  13. I like the Alpine Stars SMX very much but nobody would buy them for me... :( Although they look clunky the inner sock fits really snug like a snowboard boot so to me they felt like second skin.

    Best if you took the bf shopping for them so he could try them on... if you wanted to suprise him then definitely buy local easier to exchange sizes colour even brand for a better fit.

    why don't you get his mate to go shopping with him but not let him buy them... then you could suprise him.
  14. Thanks RoderickGI - I might investigate some others. I know a few of the stores around, from researching last year's gift, although i ended up getting those through the mail from a guy we met at the bike expo who gave me a pretty damn good deal. I think his name was Josh from Collin's Leathers, if anyone needs a riding suit or 2 piece or whatever, he's really good to deal with (Josh Rayner fairlane500@ozemail.com.au). I added my location, though if you have any other suggestions :) thanks a bunch! PS- i knew what joelridescbr meant ;)
  15. :( maybe some hinting close to birthday or christmas would help........ or if they don't want to splash out much, a suggestion of going halves or something......

    Thanks for the advice - his mate thought of the shopping thing last year actually. It's just finding the time i guess, cos his mate lives a couple of hours away in the country
  16. Another note on that - I'm not a fan of giving an un useful gift - definitely not socks n jocks or anything like that :roll: I reckon - treat others as you would want to be treated, so if you would like a useful, thoughtful gift, then give one and then it may be reciprocated
    :grin: [-o< \:D/ :dance:
  17. Ha Ha I'm equally happy with my Sidi Vertebra 2, close out price $300 from bikemart in ringwood. If only they had the Vertigo Corsa on special... maybe my feet are not worth $600.

    Anyway there are plenty of choices out there for boots... Sidi and A* are both relieble brands. I was also recommended to check out Gaerne boots but they didn't feel as comfy around the foot for me.

    Well rather than suprise him... I reckon it'd be better if you both have fun shopping for boots... bike shops have the habit of displaying shiny things outside that just beg to be test ridden ;) just try not to have the mentality of MUST buy boots... sometimes the decision aint that easy. In any case he could try them on in store and you could always buy online. best of luck with it all.
  18. Nice idea, but i do prefer giving something than going shopping for it. Maybe tho, i'll see. Yeah, i know about the MUST buy mentality, it's gotten me into trouble before with unwanted purchases. I think boots will be enough tho - as much as he needs a new bike, unfortunately the finances don't stretch that far and even if they did, that sort of purchase would be reserved for an extra extra special occasion. Thanks for all your help :grin: