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Purchasing A New Used Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by StringBean, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    After having my Virago 250cc for about a year and a half, and doing my licence on it, and getting my full licence, I have decided to sell it to upgrade to a bigger and hopefully better bike.

    The problem Im having is what Im going to buy now, I have looked at everything from Honda Shadows Custom, Suzuki Boulevards C50, Yamaha XVS 650 Classic's and Custom, and now there is another bike in the mix which is a Yamaha XVS 950a, with about 8 grand to spare, and I am definitely wanting to purchase a cruiser as you can tell.

    My height is about 6'1 and I found that the virago was a bit to small for me and I was getting cramped up on long rides.

    Anyway looking for opinions on the above bikes or ones I haven't mentioned that you would recommend.

    Kind Regards,
  2. I bought a vstar 1100 classic. I would recommend it to anyone. Go a bit bigger rather than a bit smaller as you will get used to the power/torque rapidly. Sit on as many as you can.
  3. Get an older V-Max,best of both worlds.
  4. Well I had a ride on the 650 custom and a 750 shadow, they seemed to have enough power for me
  5. +1 Power Cruisers....

    Yamaha VMAX
    Suzuki Boulevard 109

    If you're going to stick to the Cruiser style you'd might as well go for the whole thing.
  6. He wont get the power cruisers for $8k. Except maybe the 80s vmax, which wasnt a very good handler in its day even.

    Check out the v star1100, the vt1100 and the vn1500 all will be in your budget. I have plenty of room on my vt1100 at 6'2". They are considerably bigger than the 750-900s.

    If you do want mid size then maybe the vn900.
  7. V star 1100
  8. Oooooooopppps......I may have selectively filtered that out of my response ](*,)

    Apologies OP - although if you can stretch the budget go for the Donk.....

  9. yup xvs1100 ftw. comfy and decent power for a cruiser. heaps of parts and mods available too, seriously heaps!
  10. When I wanted to buy my first bike I wanted an XVS650, then I sat on one and found it was way too small and cramped for me at 6' 3". The XVS1300 or V-Star 1300 or whatever it's called was a much better fit. Of course on L's I was unable to purchase one of those.
    I had been reading a lot of reviews and the 1300 keeps coming up as the pick of the larger Yamaha cruisers.
  11. Just get the 1100 yam
  12. the 1100 are a bit out of my price range as well. If you had a choice between the bikes I mentioned what would it be and why? $8100 would be the maximum I could spend. In saying that I like the looks of the 950a because its not something you see everyday.
  13. Just get the 1100 yam look harder
    650 is pretty cool i have both
    You should be able to get either on your
    Budget with low ish ks.
    Negotiate hard etc . Be patient ...

    I find the 1100 just that bit better all
    Round .
    Its just better
  14. 950 pretty cool look and is EFI
  15. What would you class as lowish km's for a 2009 950a? Would 16,000 be too much?
  16. These threads crack me up,someone asks what bike they should buy and all the numpties come on and push the bike THEY ride.
    Ends up going nowhere,and OP gets what they were thinking of in the first place.
  17. How do you buy a new used bike? Come on, it's one or the other. New, or used. Make up your mind. Or are you female?
  18. Numpties ....
    1100 is a 650 but better .. do you disagree blabb ?
  19. Dunno,dont understand what your saying.