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Purchasing a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ken, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. So the time has come for me to purchase a bike and I would like to hear anyone else problems when they have bought privately.
    So far this week I have had 2 bikes fall through.

    The first bike which was situated on the sunshine coast (coffs harbour) fell through due to the vendor.
    As I have financed the company was requesting that he supply a copy of regerstartion plus his bank details to do a EFT transfer. Also in this process the finance company wanted to have the bike accessed by a certified mechanic.
    The vendor proceeded to tell me that the way it was being done by me was dodgy.
    The vendor would only deal in cash and didn't want anyone to know where he lives or let anyone check the bike before purchase.

    Bike 2 was sold by the vendor from underneath me after I had confirmed the purchase.

    I have spoken to another vendor regaurding his bike, I have requested more info on the bike by he wont send it through. So it may be on to bike 4.

    So if you have a sports tourer ie VFR800 and want around 8 to 10 grand and want to sell let me know.

    So does anyone else have any horror stories

  2. bit older than what
  3. Bike deals fall through at times, I put an offer down on a bike last week to be outbidded a half hour later.

    Then tonight agreed on a price on another r1 pending a clear revs check but when we revs check it there's money owing. owner says it is supposed to be clear so will try to sort.

    It's just part of life, it is so your bike can have a chance to find you. If it is supposed to happen it will.
  4. Bugger mate that sucks.
    Three weeks ago I would have sold you my 06 tri colour Viffer with 5,000 K's for $9,000 grand. I only bought it cause I got it cheap @$7,500. But after riding it a few times I have decided to keep it. Not trying to shoite you. Just there are a heap on Ebay and all asking the 8 to 10.
    Mate let a sale come to you. Don't be eager (desperate) buying a bike. They are hard to sell. Being in Wagga you are a bit limited. But yeah, I would hold out till one in great condition comes to you. Winter is coming and it gets even harder to sell. And a grand to fifteen hundred is a set of Leo Vance pipes and a PC5. Which the Viffer desperately needs.
  5. I havent even got my Ls booked till mid april yet looking around... I knew how long it took me to get a car that I liked back in the uk, this is prob gonna be just as much fun. So far most people selling have backed off when I ask about getting someone to inspect the bike and a revs check on it. Says to me I want to avoid then really if you ask me. Just keep on looking, something always turns up in the end.
  6. good news deposit paid 06 vfr800 in black for 8000. Hope to bring her home sunday