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Purchased bike now Learners booked in next thursday! Yay!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by frankd, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I ended up purchasing the Suzuki Across for $3500 which is a bit pricey for a 90 model but im still stoked coz its been well looked after and not too many km being 27k. Heard these things last lot longer than that!
    lol my mums bf said he rekons should be around $1000 hhaha his eccentric bike rider and quite tight with money :)

    Anyway im booked in for my Learners course & test on thursday 20th next week! Cant wait im so excited!!!! Wish me luck...

    Look forward to riding with some of you, especially in the nice warm nights to come. Thats if you can put up with my lemon yellow across ;)

  2. No, you must repaint it before we meet.

    They're expensive as they're well liked as the manbag that they are.

    Good luck, and have fun.
  3. Are you doing it at HART ?

    I'm booked in with them for the 2day learners course this Thurs & Fri ( 20th & 21st )
  4. Im doing it at Armstrongs in Thomastown, it's just a 9 hours course. Should have thought about a 2 day one!
  5. I did the 2 day learners at Hart last year....they were great but my nerves go the better of me and I failed one of the 90 degree turns during my test.

    They were very helpful, gave you great hints and were very patient.

    Mick was my trainer and tester...nice guy.

    Went back later in the week and got it.

    Gett ingmy full licence 3 months later was a breeze.
  6. Yeh im also worried about being nervous which might make me stall or whatever mite happen!
    If i fail well then I guess im not ready to make it on the roads, ill just try again and again if needed.
    Grandma gave me the talk and also my mum but im glad to say nothing will keep me off the roads.
  7. Good luck on your L's this week.

    Armstong is pretty good and easy. I got my L's there too, I only stuffed up a lil during the slow ride but got through.
    They're not as strict as HART. :grin: going for full licence on the 24th with HART. I did do a practice ride with them as well as I don't have the bike as yet and I got lots out of that.

    Im looking at getting a Suzuki at the moment, and that seems to be the going rate!

  8. Thanks, good luck with your licence. I love suzuki bikes, when i get my full licence i hope to get a gsxr600. Such a beautiful bike i wont have to worry about chicks anymore! hahahaha
  9. Quick update, I passed my learners!!!!!!!!

    Thankyou Armstrongs!!!!!
  10. Where did you find out about them?

    Banner ad or other?
  11. i found them out from my cousins bf who went there ages ago to get his learners, he said they were easier than the rest. Well i have to say I must agree we all passed with good advice. There 9 hour course which was one i did needed no experience. Done on a CBF250, not a bad bike.