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purchased bike and feel ripped off!! please advise

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kara, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. hello all,
    purchased a new bike last thursday (yippee) and dealer advertised as a 2006 model bike

    i asked the dealer when purchasing what year the bike was (trying to be careful) and i was told that the tenth digit in the vin has a 6 therefore it is a 2006 model,

    indeed when looking at the vin it had 6 as the tenth digit, so i was happy,

    stupidly, i didnt look at the registration on the bike, which when i looked today states "2005" :evil:

    i asked the dealer about this and he said that this is based on the compliance which is 09/05 but the bike is definately a 2006 model and this is what i should be concerned about,

    ok...so my question is this...is it the model year or compliance year which is important for re-sale value or..

    am i making an issue out of nothing

    i feel somewhat cheated as in the contract of sale under "build date" he inserted 2006 model, which im sure would be considered fraudulent and can probably render the contract void,

    anyway sorry about the length of this post but im a bit pissed off to be honest
  2. My bike is like that its an 05 but has 04 and i know its a 05 because it has all the 05 goodies. :)

    Nothing to worry about. Well in IMO.
  3. wow! how many times do we hear this!!..

    sales people and their dribble, sad part is i am in sales. always pissed off when i hear crap like this, and people who have doubt. a good sales person is one that can honestly advise and provide what you have sought after and once you ve made your purhcase feel comfortable enough that you will return.

    to a dealer it is 'probably'/arugably 06. but to anybody else. the rego says 05 and the compliance says 05. to me thats 2 n 0 against the dealer.

    what month in 05? if is real late like oct onwards, then these are usually next year models.
  4. That's why I waited until march to get my bike as I wanted one with 06 on it..
  5. If you're mainly worried about year model as far as resale is concerned, then unless it is radically different (you haven't said what SORT of bike it is), then it shouldn't make much difference.
  6. Toyota uses September as the start of the new year for their car models. My Landcruiser is a 10/84, but it's an 85 model. Might be the same for bikes?
  7. My Triumph is compliance plated as a late-2002 model..

    rego papers, insurance, and everything else is marked as 2003 ....

    Guess it does depend on what part of the year....

    Good luck
  8. I used to work in tha auto parts industry and this would happen quite often. If the comp. plate is 09/05 it is usually classed as an 06. The reason is that the motoring industry goes by finacial year not calender year. So September 05 being in the first half of the 06 financial year makes your bike an 06 as far as the dealer is concerned.
    Everyone else goes by whats on the plate or it's build date.

  9. The latter .. issue out of nothing. The relevant bit is what you state above -> model vs build date. You got a 2006 model bike (with the features/spec's of the manufacturers 2006 range), but as with most manufacturers they start building the next years model half to 2/3rds the way through the previous year (ie. 2006 models start to be made around Sept 05).

    Nothing fraudulent or wrong, you wanted an 2006 model bike and got one. If you wanted a 2006 model bike with a 2006 build date, then you should have specifically stated that (I'm assuming you didn't) and checked for it.

    If it's a brand new '06 model that you've just brought, then you would/should have got if for a bargain anyways :)
  10. Yeah it happened to me with the dominator. The compliance plate states 11/92 but for parts and all that I have to quote 93 model.

    In the rego she appears as a 92 tho. But it doesn´t worry me at all.

  11. what a crock! no offence directed at you mouth, but for a consumer to come in and believe, ask for an new/06 bike... the dealer 'could' be more forth coming with clarification. you are right... not fraudulant and not necessarily wrong, but also not really ethical and can be mistrued and misleading. this way hte client is more aware and happy after the purchase.

    to be told '06' and hand over a rego with states '05, is not really a good way to conduct business.

    and, kara.. you shouldve also really checked all your paper work before you left the shop, then maybe you couldve questioned it then and kicked up a stink if you felt misled.
  12. My bike is a 93 model, but was built late 92. (Not that it matters, I don't think the GPX has ever changed)
  13. thanks twoguns but thats the point, I DID check the paper work and under build date he wrote "2006 model" when i questioned him about this over the phone he said it was a 2006 year bike, so to see on the rego that it clearly states 2005, is just unethical,

    i wonder in court how he would go explaining why he wrote "2006 model" in the build date area of the contract,
  14. It might seem a tad unethical, but the whole "year model" vs. build year thing can get very complicated, with bikes and cars.

    New models listed as a certain year model can come out months before that year, as you've already found out, and vice versa. eg the MY07 Subaru's came out around October 06 IIRC (model year.)

    It's really no biggy. I'd say the most important thing is that while they said it was a 2006 bike, if it's the 2006 model that's more important in case of any changes between the 2005 and 2006 model bikes.
  15. Who cares what the rego says .. it's a 2006 model bike that you wanted, and that's what you got. What difference does it make whether it went through the manufacturing plant in Sept 05 or March 06 .. it's still the same bike with the same spec's and colour etc.

    The rego ask for manufacture date .. so that's what it has. You wanted a 2006 model bike and you have a 2006 model bike.
  16. I bought a 2nd hand pop top caravan last year, previous owner didn't know what year it was & when I changed the rego over got a new label with the year of 1900 on it!
  17. Make no mistake you were ripped off. If you want an 06 bike you should get an 06 bike not an 05 build . Build date is what is important not anything else.Take the bike back and request the bike you asked for which is not what you recieved.If you have any problems speak to consumer affairs.
  18. Kara, check the specs for the '05 and the '06 if there is any difference then check the bike you got is the '06., if not then speak to the dealer.
    You said yourself you wanted an '06 "model".
  19. Absolute bollocks! Name one specification difference between a 2006 model built in Nov '05 and one built in Feb '06.
  20. Kara, Mouth sums it up perfectly. If you have a bike to the spec you wanted then whats it matter. Surely you didn't buy a new bike for it's resale value. I bought mine based on enjoyment and purpose. If your already worrying about resale value then you should never have bought it in the first place.