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Purchase Complete

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by LeMMin9, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. I got it!!!! I completed the transaction and bought my ZZR250 tonight (well last night now) and my god am I stoked!!!! After signing the paperwork and handing over my hard earned cash (and a quick photo on the fone to show people all the money I laid down), a few pointers from the previous owner and we were off (had a mate drop me off and drive in front of me afta the pick up).

    All went very well on the ride home, picked the bike up from Elwood, rode along Beach Road (damn that was windy) and then up over the West Gate (again, bit windy) with some jerk in a cage hot on my arse.....Left my driving companion at Laverton and went to visit/show off to a mate. Had some tea, went to head back to Geelong and couldn't start the bike.....could work it out, it had power, so battery isn't dead, tried a push start anyway, still nothing.....all else fails, read the manual, flick through a couple of pages and WHAMO it hits me, the kill switch has to be 'ON' for the bike to start (such a dumbass :LOL: ) a little embarassed I start the bike and the rumble makes me grin :grin: ! Off I head stopping to get some petrol on the way, not sure how far I had left in the tank so I fill it up, $8 later I'm off again (gotta love it).

    Smooth ride down the highway to Geelong, no mishaps, still getting used to not being able to see behind me fully like in a cage, but some mirror tweaking and time will settle that into me.

    Pulled up beside a P plater with a full carload of lads hanging out the window yelling things like "Chuck a mono" and "Spin em up for us", a friendly shake of the helmet and a little bit quicker of a take off from the lights and I was on my way!!! (tsk tsk I know, must not be blatently stoopid and get myself in trouble :p )

    Round to a friends place again to show off the bike and put it to sleep in their shed (as I dont have one) and the smiles couldn't be scrubbed off my face with steel wool!!! Fantastic fun on the bike and I'm off for a ride tomorrow night with a mate round the Queenscliff/Portarlington way, should be much fun.

    Look forward to seeing all other riders out on the black stuff (shiny side up of course) and I will be tootling along to a coffee night some time real soon. Until then, happy riding all, I know I will be!!!! :grin:
  2. Congratulations! Post up some pictures of your new toy when you get a chance!

    Sounds like your really enjoying your bike, they just cant be beat :wink:
  3. awesome mate! there is nothing better than the blatant showing off the new toy to mates, when i get the 600 i'm considering having my mates around for a bbq and having it in the living room under a sheet and then unveiling it.. is that going to far? :oops:


    the zzr is a great learner option, to see what's going on behind you try tucking your arms in when you're looking, gives better vision i found as your arms are in the way, other than that don't snap your key off in the petrol tank lock, and most importantly make sure the bloody side stand is down before getting off and letting go.
  4. Congrats on the bike! You left the most important detail out though..what colour is it?? :p :grin:
  5. another one for Klub Kwaka... we'll out number those bloody Honda's one day.

    Congrats on the purchase, the baby Z is a good learning tool, seat gets a bit hard on long trips, but all in all a good bike to begin with.
  6. Mmmmmmm Jealouse.......!

    Congrats fella! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Congrats, sounds like you had a blast for a first ride. Don't worry about the kill switch being off, you'll no doubt do sillier things than that in the future (lets hope they're just funny and not painful). Safe riding.
  8. Congrats :)

    brings back the memories of just getting the first bike, being excited and everything..

    good on you :D
  9. Congratulations. Its great when you get a new toyyou should have a ball with it.
  10. Its like getting your first root - all you wanna do now is keep rooting, all the time :)
  11. mate they are a good bike to start with..
    congratulation .... i hope u many good rides
    and if u think this is fun... wait till u get the bigger bike
    just remember to take ur time and enjoy the ride
    hoping to see u on a ride one day
  12. Well done mate, Its a blast gettin a bike for the first time, congratulations and good luck :grin:
  13. What a fantastic comparison, and so true!!! :p

    Oooops! :wink: The baby is a charcoal metallic grey, it's a unique color as the guy I bought it off had it resprayed when he first bought it (not to cover up damage, just to spunk it it up). I'll get some photos of it tonight and post them up for all the world to see!!

    .....but now I have to pretend to do work while I daydream about going for a ride tonight.....is it 3pm yet? Can I go home and ride....... :cool: