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Purchase advice help needed.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bebo3, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. I am looking to get an Across and i have gone to have a look at a few bikes. I am unsure about a few things:

    - All bikes that i've looked at have not had a complete service history, or receipts / stamps of services. Is this considered normal? Should I expect the seller to have service logs conducted from 0km?

    - Is it risky to buy if the seller does not have a warrant/service manual and /or receipts for services done.

    - In particular, I had a look at a '98 Across with 15000km however they had no record of service although they insisted it had been serviced by a friend.
    For this bike i'm looking to pay approximately 3400, and have to replace tyres and do a full service, bringing the price to approx. 3800. Does this sound reasonable?

    Ive done most of the main checks already listed on the website, my main concern is that the service history is never complete.
  2. mate a bike that old, you will never get a full service history. from what you have described the kms sound dodgey.
    new tyres plus a major service would leave you bugger all change from about a grand.
  3. Often when purchasing a vehicle, bike or car, talking to the seller and eyeing his "circumstances" (home, attitude, etc) reveals 1/2 the story, perhaps more than what a fully-stamped service book can.
  4. if you want someone a bit more experienced to come along with you to inspect a bike, just post a thread and ask. You should also always get a qualified mechanic to do a check over too
  5. As mentioned before. You are buying an old bike, its not a BMW :roll:

    You have two choices. Buy a second hand 250 trash heap. Learn and ditch it. Or spend the coin and buy a new LAMS or 250 so you have control over the servicing and experience.
  6. It could have 15,000 km's, assuming it actually means 115,000 :LOL: