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Puppy Has Grown Up!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MotoGPC, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Hey all, got my new bike today/yesterday (Friday).

    A gorgeous '06 Honda CBR600F.

    I am so ecstatic I'm not sure if I spelt it right or not.

    Just thought I'd share the news, that's all.

    Okay, move along..... Nothing more to see here.



    PS- Did you all know that all this time "Warewolf" in Puppy Warewolf was spelt incorrectly? Nobody ever brought it up. How come?

  2. We didn't want to embarrass you, petal. After all you are only a drummer :D

    (let the congrats begin)
  3. Good stuff Motogp
    Wheres the pic mate
    I just looooooooove my CBR 8)
  4. Finally , congrats MotoGPC .
  5. Yay Puppy!!! \:D/ \:D/
  6. nice one pup (sorry cont get used to the new name yet)

    have fun and enjoy
  7. Hey, it's my favourite Pupster!!!!
    Congrats on the upgrade and hope to see you out on a ride soon :D
  8. Congrats Pup! Now join us for a ride tomorrow to start to break her in. And pix, we need pix.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! ....'bout time, too! :wink:

    :D :D :D
  10. Thanx guys.

    Breaking her in nice and easy. She is a GORGEOUS ride though.

    So see you out on a ride soon!!!!! GUARANTEED!!


  11. good stuff mate maybe oneday we will go for a ride.....
    always looking for new people to ride with

    good luck and safe riding
  12. I had gathered that it was to do with a computer-related activity as opposed to any other reference, plus a werewolf child should be called a cub, not a puppy - so I figured it was intentional.

    Great news on the upgrade - enjoy your new ride, and stay safe out there.
  13. Actually, yes, it was intentional.....

    Puppy Werewolf was actually a cartoon character that was thought of by a guy, a year level up from me, when I was in High School. He used to do comic book style stories. They were hilarious. Puppy Werewolf was like a super hero type character and his secret weapon that would save the day was a shotput that he would always carry under his chin like them Shotput athletes. Later the Shotput became a sidekick type character himself.... So he made it Puppy Werewolf and Shotput. His humour was great, his observations were right on the money which made for great funny and sarcastic stories.

    Anyway, a bit of trash trivia for ya, and I'm sure anybody reading this that used to go to Williamstown High in the mid to late 80's would have remembered the Puppy Warewolf Cartoon Wall in L2.


  14. Congrats on your new bike pup!! Hope we'll be seeing you zooming around :D
  15. Congrats on the coming of age pup! Faaaaaantastic isn't it? :D :D :D :D :D

    Will have to go for a ride when I'm back :D

    Sure we noticed the spelling, but it seemed intentional so why comment? Your choice anyway!

    Now if you had spelling the level of Groberts's throughout your texts.... THAT would be another matter :p
  16. Congrats Pup!! woo hoo

    When are we gonna see some pics???

    :D :D