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VIC Punt Road - hypersensitive red light camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by davesquirrel, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Morning all,

    Riding in to the city this morning, the traffic was stopped at the red light (for locals, intersection of Punt and Toorak Road), so I and another bike filtered (me between the two lanes, him up the right-hand side) to get to the front.

    I pull up just in front of the first car on the left hand lane, there's a flash from behind. He pulls up in front of the car in the right-hand lane, there's another flash. Don't know whether we each triggered it, or if it was just both flashes for the one shot.

    We're both in that six-foot-or-so of space between the line where cars stop and the pedestrian crossing bit. There are oncoming cars turning right, it's clearly impossible to run this red light at this particular time at anything more than 0kmh. And yet one or both of us have been pinged for (and I imagine the fine will say) "Failing to obey red light"

    Watch this space for when I get my fine, and subsequent legal battle (my lawyer friend owes me a massive favour, so i'll definitely be fighting this one).

    And above all, watch out for hair trigger speed/red light cameras. That's two we know of now (Wellington Road Eastlink the other... allegedly)

    Incidentally does anyone know what happened to the speed camera further up the hill from Toorak Road - did someone get busy with a Landy and a winch one night?
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    Should be interesting.

    I don't like your chances though. The solid line is the stop line. Cross that threshold and you've disobeyed the red light.

    Keep us informed though, curious to see the outcome.

  3. Going to be amusing when the fine comes.

    "Time on red: 2m 30s"
    "Speed: 0 km/h"
  4. I have to travel Hoddle-Punt every day I go to work. I generally filter up to and stop behind the first car waiting. I regularly see other motorcyclists filter past the first car and past the solid white stop line, even if it's plain as day that there's a red light / speed camera there, and I can't understand why they'd risk it.

    On the ground, there are two rectangular induction strips for each lane. You can make out the outline of each one if you take a look. I think you need to trigger both to set the camera off (plus a motion sensor on a pole). What used to be the case is that the first and second were both after the stop line, but with the Bracks/Brumby revenue maximisation policy, I've seen new setups with the first induction strip under or even slightly before the white stop line.

    Also be aware that the camera at Punt / Toorak is set to ***40 kph*** for northbound traffic during school times. If you're travelling southbound, I don't think the 40 zone applies until you're past the intersection, but beware a cop regularly hides behind a power pole around the children's crossing, fires his lidar down the road, and has no shortage of customers.

    I saw the camera at Punt / Domain (i.e. at the top of the hill) removed by workers in VicRoads vests with traffic management at the intersection. Dunno why.

    As far as the road law goes,

    As far as whether you'll get a fine or not, you need to have a look at this:

    ^ You'd better hope that's current!
  5. Can't be certain, but I thought that red light camera's flashed once when crossing the first line and a second time when crossing the line at the far side of the intersection to prove that you actually had travelled through the intersection illegally. A few years have passed since I read this though so things may have changed (or this may have never been the case at all!)

    Good luck with it anyway.
  6. The thing is, i've been riding past that camera for two years now, and i've filtered to the front at that intersection countless times with no flashy. Can only assume the presence of the other bike was enough to trigger the camera.

    Based on experience sitting at right filter arrows my VTR250 isn't enough to register on induction strips. Although sometimes if I chuck it in neutral and put the kickstand down right on the strip border that makes it realise something's there.

    I have my squirrely fingers crossed. Thanks for your reply!
  7. This indeed could be an interesting one. How it works, there have to be two loops, one before and one after the stop line. You must trigger both of these more than half a second after the light shows red. Why both, because you may have quite legally been across the line waiting to turn right and are allowed to complete the turn on the red light.

    The two photos are normally half a second apart to show movement as well as some confirmation of speed in the case of a combo red light and speed camera.

    The loops are lane sensitive so there will be some evidence as to who triggered the event.

    As the legal eagles are sure to point out you in fact did break the law by proceeding beyond the stop line facing a red light so that offense is readily proven. An officer may have shown some discretion but the camera does not.
  8. i suppose i could always bullshit it that i had been waiting at the lights for over a minute and the other bike tripped it.
  9. You'll need to have a look at the photo to find out if that is credible.
  10. I've got no problem with red light cameras (provided they are working properly). I was sitting at the Hoddle Street lights at the intersection of Victoria Parade. The right turn arrow went green and some genius in a beige camry (no joke) drove straight ahead through the red light and almost collided with the vehicles turning in from the opposite side of the intersection. FLASHFLASH! They had a huge look of astonishment. 'What me?'... Yes you.
  11. I haven't heard of anyone being booked for being over the white line...you may need to have moved forward as you didn't think the car behind you was going to stop. People have been flashed before with no fine sent as they didn't go through the intersection IYKWIM. Will be interesting to see what happens here...
  12. Agreed. I've been almost taken out a few times at a certain intersection by assclowns that aren't paying attention. I usually give a quick left-right but didn't the last time. Came within half a metre of me and that's after i e-braked.
  13. Wasn't wearing a matching cardigan was he...?

    Lol sorry I had to :)
  14. the guy who really ran a red in front of me in Auburn (NSW) a few weeks ago generated two flashes a split-second apart.. you might be lucky, fingers crossed
  15. That's the one I may or may not have trolled a retard in a Doofadore into running a few weeks ago.
  16. I saw that happen on the Nepean inbound one day, right filter at (I think) Centre Road and oncoming right filter went green, think it was a Magna just accelerated straight through the turning traffic to a cacophony of horns. Didn't see a flash from the camera but it was fairly bright at the time.
  17. So, wasn't paying 100% attention this morning and filtered to the front again, pulled in front of the car in the left lane. Realised there was a noticeable lack of camera flash this time.

    I'm going to chalk this one up to "other bike triggered it".

    Plus i've had it on good authority that camera is a dummy. Apparently the only live one on Punt was on the intersection with Domain. Which is now gone.
  18. I've been flashed twice at an intersection. It's the Stud road/Ferntree Gully road intersection. Travelling north along Stud road (towards Knox from Rowville) there is a "safety" (dangerous) camera. I've triggered it twice by braking heavily just as the light turns red. First time I slid to a stop ending up on a 45 degree angle in front of a car waiting to turn right. I didn't get a fine. 2nd time was about 2 weeks ago where at the last minute I decided that I wasn't going to make it so I stopped. The nose of my car (very short hatchback) was on the white line and it triggered the camera. In between the 1st and 2nd flashes I reversed about 10 meters. This was at night and no doubt that I triggered them as there weren't any other cars going through the intersection.

    I think you're fine mate. Don't worry.
  19. If it was going off early, you could have taken advantage of it...