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Punctures - #%*&#@!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. #1 lui, Dec 21, 2011
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    Can't believe getting puncture riding on a suburban street, fu*k!

    Now waiting for NRMA to show up. Should carry a puncture kit.
  2. Shocking huh? I've replaced 3 tyres on 2 bikes this year...
  3. 3 tyres? what are doing NK? No trams up there to have the steel on the road to chew into the tyre, tradies THAT bad up there?
  4. [-( You said it brother..
    now, dont put it off buying one like we do......... do it today, $40
  5. #5 lui, Dec 21, 2011
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    Tow truck arrived without the bike kit, now have to wait for another one.
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    I hate that
  7. #7 lui, Dec 21, 2011
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    I was going to take the M5 tunnel, then I saw the sign says accident in tunnel, heavy traffic delay, so I detoured to Forest Road (last time the bike over heated while stuck in the tunnel), then on to Henry Lawson Drive, only to find out a nasty metal object is waiting.
  8. Your on a bike dude. Theyre made for accidents in tunnels
  9. Betcha it's a tek screw.
  10. I've had one this year...

    Punctures are one of the main reasons I try not to split down emergency lanes on freeways etc. Seems to be all sorts of tyre villain objects on the edges of freeways
  11. Puncture repair kit eh?

    I assume these are similar in operation, though different in size, to the one I have for my 4wd tyres?

    Where does one buy the motorbike ones from?
  12. What am I doing? Rivets and plaster screws, mostly...
    The bicycle lanes up here are full of them ;)
  13. My Financial Controller decided she will sell the bike next puncture. Bloody wives.
    -though I did have a truck blow his front one car length in front to the right of me in a tunnel - that was a bit close in the first tunnel of M5 east. The catching up was good once he settled down and decided where he was going to put his rig.
  14. I assume accident is westbound? Damn. Might go beach instead now I think. Coogee here I come.
  15. Yep in the last 2 months i have replaced 2 Metzler M5 rear tyres ,both had less than 2,000 ks on them and both were stuffed.Previously hadnt had a puncture in more than 20 years.Sometimes shit just happens
  16. I got one from a peter Stevens store last Xmas.

    Used it three times since. On my bike and others.

    Works a treat a must have !
  17. One of the boys holed his rear coming down the Oxley on Sunday :( ..... looking at it was virtually impossible to find, FLAT AS !!...........
    Inflated with one capsule and dribbled water over the rotating tyre and there it was......no bigger than a goddamn pinprick, bubblin' away
    Reamed it out, in with the rythmn stick and rubber grub
    4 air bombs later and good to go :p

    Silly if you dont have one..........good to go in wot?? 2o minutes............
  18. Not much good on spoked rims 8-[
  19. I actually heard a bang as I was riding, I thought something came off, and before I had a chance to pull over at the next side street to check it out I already felt there was no air at the rear. I quickly stopped at a safe spot, this is what I saw, pretty nasty!


    Called NRMA, a flatbed arrived within 30 minutes, but the driver couldn't find any straps in the toolbox but only a front wheel clamp. Apparently someone had misplaced the straps while he was away on leave.

    Another tow truck arrived a little while later, this time there was a bike carrier. Tony, a fellow rider knows what he was doing.


    Got home, removed the rear wheel and the metal object, a mighty big hole.


    I really hope the puncture is repairable as I already have a near new Pure Power sitting at the water meter.


    The mother fu*ker is nearly 10cm long. The bang I heard must this thing hitting the rim from the inside.


    I had the tyre patched at Bikebiz, it appears to seal fine (no bubbles), but I will pay close attention to the tyre pressure in the coming days. In this particular case, a puncture kit alone wouldn't have helped because the tyre was losing air too fast, unless the kit comes with CO2 cartridges, or there was a pump or 12V air compressor.
  20. I thought it was motorbike tyres with punctures not pushee rtyes, they're easy to peel and fix as opposed to the motorbike tyres [as you would know] still that'd give me the shits puncture after the other