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Punctured tire, no way to get it fixed/replaced.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Shiftplusone, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Hello, the rear tire on my bike is punctured (in the middle, inside the tread pattern). I don't have a roller stand or a torque wrench or whatever else I need to take the wheel off. I am stuck in a situation where it would cost $25 to fix the tire and get it patched but I can't get it anywhere to fix it. I don't have a trailer to put it on or anything. The mobile motorcycle repair service I called up charges $160 as a minimum service fee then $80 per hour after that.... which is outside of my budget. :(

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Buy a tyre repair kit with the CO2 cartridges. Once patched, inflate it with about 4 cylinders (mini ones) then ride it to the shop for a proper job.

    A kit costs about $30.
  3. Get to your nearest Super Cheap shop and buy a 12V compressor and a tyre gauge and pump the tyre up. Its most likely a slow leak. Ride to your favourite bike shop and say fix it.

    You should have a compressor and a tyre gauge anyway.
  4. You don't need a torque wrench to get your back wheel off, in fact you've probably got the tools to do it right there in your bike's toolkit. Jack it up with your car jack, pop the wheel out and take it to get sorted.
  5. Hey thanks everyone for the replies... at least now I know a few more alternatives than paying a crazy amount of money for mobile servicing. I've bought a repair kit with the CO2 cartridges and should be fine until I can afford to get the tire replaced.
    Thanks everyone.
  6. Still not sure why you think the tyre is not repairable.
    Make sure you ask first :)
  7. If you're referring to the title of the post, I wrote it because I didn't know of any way to fix it.
    Otherwise, if you're referring to my comment about replacing the tire.. I don't know how safe a fixed tire is and searching around it seems like most people recommend replacing the tire. The thing is I can't afford to replace it so I will have to stick with the repair option.
    Thanks again.
  8. Not getting up you or anything mate, but I think you'll be impressed by whats repairable these days. Unless the tyre has structural damage it will be ok. At the very least ask the shop to attempt a repair first. If that fails they will have a range of used tyres if funds are tight.
    Most simple punctures on the tread face can be plugged internally for about $30.

    Good luck. :wink:
  9. thanks, I'll get them to check it out.
  10. Good to see you repaired the tire with a "mobile repair kit", but I don't trust those things. If you are not replacing the tire, you should still take it in and get a "plug" put on the inside of the tire. The "mobile repairs" are great to get you going again, but I would not trust them as a long term solution.
  11. To the OP; i suggest keeping that puncher repair kit under the seat. Imagen if you got this flat in the middle of butt f%^& no where...
  12. The (document holder/toolbox holder) is really small on my bike, don't know if it will fit. But when I get saddle bags or something, I will definitely keep it there.
  13. The self fix repair kits are only rated to 60 kmh and are very temporary and once you use a self fix you might jeopodize the chance to fix it with a mushroom patch ..I would take it off with the tool kit provided with the bike,lossen the wheels axle bolts before you jack it up or use tie downs to lift it (from a solid beam) then take it to a bike shop ,The other thing will be to ring the bike shop you brought it from you might be suprized ,and they might send someone out to pick it up and fix it for you at a reasonable cost... :)
    And as for repairs on tires unless your really into corners and put a lot of presure on the tire with braking flex and hard corners then a repair is fine and will last as long as the tire 99% of the time..
  14. I've seen heaps of articles about plugged tires now. Nobody seems to agree. Those who use them swear by them. A few people have had the tire go flat on them when the plug was pulled out on a highway. But overall most people just use the plugs as a permanent fix.
    ^(From various articles and forum posts)
    I will plug the tire and get it to a shop so they can patch it from the inside.
    I bought the bike second hand. The only things I got with it were the keys, the owners manual and that's it. I will call the previous owner and ask about the tools.

    I am going to call a shop or two before I do anything and see what they say. Think plug then get it patched is the most sensible option.
  15. You will find the plugs people are most happy with are the one's put in from the inside ,The temp plugs on road bikes usualy dont last (and most packets say this on the instructions..) And if you can still get hold of the owner get the tools ,I can never understand why people remove it when they sell the bike..
  16. I thought roadside assist was for cars only. Thanks for the info.
  17. Total care is for any vehical your driving including Bikes and even your mates car if your driving it..I have had it for years ,not that Ive used it much (more the mrs :roll: ) but its included petrol free ,hire cars free if broken down, tire repairs and even a motel for the night Free (hire car place closed) Well worth every cent IMHO...