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Punctured Tire Almost Screws My Weekend & Thanks!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. So on Saturday i was crusin up north road to Snakegal's house for her going away party. Then suddenly I notice the handling on the bikes a bit weird... Well i'd had a big night on Friday, its probably just me so I keep going... go another block or less and something is definitely up, so I pull over.

    jump off the bike, look down at the back tire and :tantrum: Farrrrrrkkkk... its flat as a coke thats been sitting out all night. Self tapping screw deeply embedded. what the fcuk am im going to do!?!? I dont know anyone with a ute/van/trailer and anyone who could give me a lift home is probably drunk watching the grand final. I shake my head and look up...

    TA DA! theres bikes out the front of the shop ive pulled over at... its a motorcycle accessories store!!

    Huge thanks to the team at Starider. I didnt quite catch the ladies name but it began with B (sorry!!), she called around a few bike stores to see who was still open for a puncture repair kit and Ron gave me a lift to bikes n bits. They gave us a demo & we we're off.

    Get back to Starider and they've been trying to call Ron (who left his phone behind in the rush to get to the bike shop before it shut) turns out the tire is tubed, which obviously none of us thought to check before we left :facepalm:

    Ron & the other guy load my bike up onto the trailer that B kindly lent me, and Ron drove my poor injured baby & I home.

    I eventually got to my friends place around 6 or 7 & drowned my sorrows.

    Huuuggggeee thanks to Allan (endurotour) who helped me pull the wheel off then put it back on & cheers to my flat mate for taking it to Brighton Kawa for a new tube, and massive thanks to the team at Starider in Ormond for their generous help - without them I have no idea what I would have done on Saturday!

    Big thanks to the entire motorcycling community for fostering this kind of atmosphere. Its good to know that bikers are always happy to help each other. I am so pleased to be back on the road again!

  2. Brigitte :wink: :)
  3. ah, who could resist an Eswen in distress???

    It's good to see riders helping riders :).
  4. ah yes Brigitte, Shane & Ron
    Brigitte said the store was pretty new, they had some pretty cool stuff there & lots of kids gear. I was suprised at their range of kids stuff!
  5. where exactly is the store? "Starider"
    I'll pop down for a look myself...
  6. Ah! I'm seeing brigitte's plan..... Hmmmmmmm

    Don't know where it is, but I know how to get there :)
  7. haha just keep an eye out for self tapping screws!!!! im not sure of the exact address, but its near the train line in ormond.
  8. did she show you her sweet looking CBR1000RR, very unique styling
  9. Thanks Es, just all in a days work. I think the philosophy that Shane, Ron and myself have is, always help a biker out. You never know, you might find yourself in the same position one day.

    Seany - Correct spelling and all. :grin:

    And Kardia, we are at 577 North Road, Ormond just in case you ever have a flat tyre also ;)

    qbnSF - You don't like the pink??? ;)
  10. Thanks Pink Angel,,,yes I know the location now (Sort of). Just looked it up on google maps.
    There used to be a dealership just down a bit further years ago,,,was it Aprilia or Duc something?

    I'll drop in and see what you have. I'm always on the hunt for bits.
  11. woah !!

    now that is what a motorbiking community is all about :) being there for your fellow rider in times of need :)

    With people like Brigitte out there, I am sure many of us would feel more safe and proud to be a motorcyclist.

    @Brigitte, best of luck with your shop too :) my semester exams end on the 16th of October, I ll try and come down after that to lend you a helping hand at the store if you want me to :)