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Puncture repairs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ashes, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. I supose I've been pushing my luck but I've been riding around without a puncture repair kit. :roll:
    Your advice appreciated on what is good or bad. Yes, I've got an Across and no, abandoning it or setting it on fire is not my preferred method of repair :D

  2. So you are looking to get one? I carry (on somedays) a puncture repair kit made for 4 wheel drives. It was recommended a while ago by Mustang - said it was much much cheaper than ones targetted at bikes and works just as well. I can attest to it being much cheaper, have not had to use if (fortunately) so can't tell you how well it works.
  3. I've got one of those compressed air cans with the sh*t in it that slows the decompression and gives you about 100km (so they reckon) before you're stuffed.
    Even 50km is enough for me to get somewhere to fix it.
  4. Finilec is what the shit is called.

    You may want to consider carrying a puncture repair kit :)


    It may pay to carry a few self tapping screws to plug any small hole till you get home.
  5. I knew a bloke who had it for his car and had to use it with no problems also it is a lot quicker than standing on the roadside trying to fix a flat.
  6. I had to use it when on a ride to Arthurs Seat.

    Worked a treat.

    You roll the tyre so the hole is on the road, screw the tube into your valve and depress the can.
    Fixes the puncture, inflates the tyre so you can get home.

    It makes a mess of the inside of the tyre though.
  7. The scenario I probably need to cater for is, in the middle of nowhere (or in that general area), pitch black, bike with a side stand only. The inflation/spray kit looks like the go. Is there much of a problem with having the crap on the inside of the tyre?
    With a puncture repair kit, what is involved in fixing the puncture. I assume it means removing the tyre, patching the inside and reinflating. How hard is this to do?
  8. Nah, nothing like that ashes. With the puncture repair kit, you get a kinda screwdriver tool that cleans the sides of the puncture and makes it uniform. Put glue on plug, then with the tool, push the plug into the puncture. Wait until it dries (more or less), reinflate the tyre with that CO2 stuff, ride it around, which pushes the plug in more firmly.
  9. Only if you don't tell the tyre guy when you get it fixed properly. If he's not prepared and gets it all over him, he's likely to knock your bike over! :)
  10. Thanks netriders. I am much better informed now. Tire puncture repair kit, c02 bulb and next tyre shop.

    Last question, do all reasonable tire fitters do bike tyre repairs as well or do you need to get to a bike shop?
  11. Some bike shops will not repair tyres.
  12. I'd only use the can if I had a flat on a long run and couldn't easily get someone to pick up the bike.

    But who am I to offer advice: the only flat tyre I had was half-way between Sydney and Woolongong and I had NO repair kit at all!