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Puncture Repair! [Syd]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hyssy, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Bit of a long shot, but..

    Anyone around [SYDNEY] Homebush/Strathfield area able to lend a hand with a puncture repair this evening? I have zero clue or parts to do it myself.... (one thing to learn).

    Early start at work tomorrow so not able to get it looked at till the afternoon, and I just want to make it into the city at least.

    Any help appreciated, but I realise it's a bit of a tall order :p

    Will pay with beer or desired beverage. Oh, plus eternal gratitude.

    Thanks guys...

    Oh and this is an almost new tyre :(
  2. im in parra area, is it rideable or did u pull the nail out
  3. Nah the bastarding nail is still in it. Just pumped it up to see if it makes it through the night, bit of a slow one as it took a full day and a bit to deflate to around 20psi, though I think inflating it may have sped it up a bit.

    It's ridable. If you can help out that would be super awesome.
  4. didnt go through the side wall did it?
  5. [​IMG]

    Just off the centre, as you can see from the white guff that's on the garage floor.
  6. New tyre time mate by the look of that, most places wouldn't repair it and I certainly wouldn't ride on it .
  7. thats easily repairable.

    i've ridden with fix a flat before. wouldn't recommend for speeds above walking pace. and riding a hole can make the hole bigger. (HA)

    most places charge to take the wheel off and repair puncture. i think <$60 is normal. ive had bad luck with punctures. 2 in my old tyre. 1 in the tyre before that. a screw a nail and a piece of glass.
  8. The puncture repair kits are really only good enough to get you to a shop to get it done professionally. If its rideable, I'd take it to a shop and see if they're good to do it. I had one similar to that, and they repaired it fine. YMMV. $60 was the price.

    Brand new ****ing tyre, wasn't going to replace it :)
  9. +1 I had a repair in the same place, they fixed it fine was good for the remaining tyre life (sorry cant remember how long that was)
  10. The $10 repair kits with corded plugs are actually good for the life of the tyre, I have had a minimum of 6 tyres plugged and a couple in the car and everyone of them have lasted the lifetime of the tyres without a problem as long as you follow the instructions. I was put onto them as a permanent fix by a bike dealer who also raced Fireblades using these repair kits on his race bikes.(y) Kev.
  11. i had a similar puncture once......if you get a mushroom plug done internally it may not seal properly.

    get it done by a trusted mechanic....$60 to $75....

    better yet, do what i do and get tyre insurance.....i had a flat and had the whole new tyre replaced....saved me $350
  12. That nail....

    That sodding nail was in sideways.

    It went through at such an angle.

    We took it off and there it was in all it's metallic spite, going from one side of the tyre, to the other.

    A little part of me died.


    A mushroom plug wouldn't seal, insurance was mentioned. Might be worth it...

  13. damn mate, exactly what happened to ZX-Ninja, lucky u didnt come last night then or your bike would of been parked in my garage lol

    that does suck though