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Puncture repair kits

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Fighter, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I'm sure it has been covered before but what type of tyre repair ( in the middle of nowhere) systems / types / brand name do you carry? Wick type, screw type or another type to get you to the nearest permanent repair place. I am thinking of doing a tour around Oz for 2-3 months.

  2. I carry a wick type but on longer distance runs I also carry a Tomcat compressor, the bulbs generally only give you about 30 psi so if you are miles from anywhere the compressor is a good belt and braces solution.
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  3. Wick and screw in type with those little compressed air bottles (make sure you work out how many you actually need to fill a tyre then add a couple of extra incase you fcuk one up..), fits neatly under my pillion seat, so is with the bike all the time.

    On longer trips I also carry a Tomcat compressor too.
  4. Wick type and an airman compressor, got a nail in between tread in my rear tyre early on, it has done 8k without issue and doesn't leak at all. Can't remember the brand of plug but they are really sticky.
  5. Yep, forget the air bottles. If you stuff the repair job, then the bottles become pretty useless when empty. A compressor, or a hand pump (most reliable, least convenient) is the way to go (y)
  6. With the sidecar I'm lucky and have a ton of space, so my repair tool kit is the full kit from Pashnit that includes their 12v mini compressor, gauge, and Pocket Tire Plugger that has a hand-gun type tool that inserts mushroom plugs.


    I also carry a second air compressor that I picked up pretty cheap of ebay, it's designed to fit under the seat of almost any bike and includes a gauge and light as well, I reckon this one is about the size of the number of CO2 bottles it takes to do one tyre.

    Tomcat Mini-Air Compressor for Motorcycle, Scooter, Mower Free Case
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  7. Thanks all for the replies, will carry bottles and hand pump with wicks and plugs.
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  8. After being a puncture magnet for a couple of weeks, I got all paranoid and dry humped eBay, coming out with:
    1. Tomcat air compressor (as per recommendations from guys on here)
    2. Dynaplug Pro, super overpriced puncture repair kit that had good reviews, and in theory is a poke and play job
    3. Generic wick kit, annoying and messy to use but worked for my first puncture after some swearing, backup if Dynaplug fails miserably
    Good thing about the dynaplug pro is how small it is. It's about the size of 1.5 air canisters tall, about the same width.
    I took the air canisters out of the wick kit and just put it in the carry case.
  9. Thanks for the info on the compressor Barry! I was going to get a C02 kit but this makes more sense....great price and free shipping too! (y)
  10. You may aswell just use a hand pump and piss the bottles off, there next to useless for an around oz trip. Do yourself a massive favour and get a quality compressor
  11. I have a puncture repair kit I carry with CO2 bottles, but after reading this very informative post I just got myself a Tomcat Mini Compressor.
    Now just hope I never have to use either of them.