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Puncture Repair - Bike Shop or Tyre Shop?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by daewoo, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I have to get a puncture, caused by a nail, repaired.

    Is it fine to just go to your normal car tyre place, or do I need to go to a bike shop?

    I used Tyre Repair in a Can to get home, but it went flat again quickly.

    I am in the Sutherland Shire

  2. Either should do, but a bike shop would be my 1st choice
  3. Chalk and water :wink:
  4. Bike shop will be equiped with gear to handle delicate bike rims :wink:
  5. Yeah, just worried that a bike shop won't want to/be able to do it on a Saturday morning, and are a lot further to travel... I was just going to pump it up and hope it lasted to the repairer...

    I know where the hole is, I was thinking about using one of those plugs (tubeless tyre) but thought a good shop might use the type that go on from the inside and are shaped a bit like a golf tee...

    That might be the reason that makes it worth the hassle... I will call Sydney City Cycles tomorrow and see if they will be able to squeeze me in... might mean I have to take the wheel off which is a pain in the @rse...

    Thanks for your help...

  6. bike shops are the way to go. they want anywhere from 35-55 to do it.

    if u can take the rim off yourself (not that hard if u just happen to have tyre levers hanging around) then they will do it for 10.

    i got mine plugged a few weeks ago
  7. I had mine plugged properly 5000k ago they even took the wheel off and charged me $35
  8. bike shop, they'll have to take the tyre off the rim, to get all that tyre repair goo out, and to make sure there is no fragments of nail in there.

    most car tyre shops dont have the equipment to do bike rims.
  9. Well, in answer to my own question, I went to two local car tyre places, and they both said that no car place would touch a bike tyre... not covered by insurance... and also need to buy a $1000 adapter to use their machine on a bike wheel...

    Went to a local Motorbike place who took 45 minutes to refit the back wheel, 'cause his stand wouldn't get my bike high enough of the ground... then charged me $50 to fit new tube, for that and the hassle factor of working on a wheel where I had used that repair in a can sh!t...

    Nice enough guy, but didn't fill me with confidence... almost dropped the bike of the hydraulic lift when I finally convinced him that he needed to get it higher off the ground... and then I had to refit the rear caliper myself when I got home, 'cause it was jammed up and only working on one side...

    He did fit me in on a Saturday morning tho...

    Went for a ride through the RNP this morning... COLD... 'cause I am off to NZ for a week for work... snorrrrrrre...

  10. had a similar thing happen to me recently. no bike places were open near me ( manly ) on a sunday so i went to a car place and he plugged it for $20.....no problems since!

    either or!!