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Puncture-prone tyres....WTF?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gegvasco, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. I'm in the process of researching the best replacement tyres for my CBR600F4i(Jaqhama will attest to the dastardly state of my rear tyre). I have been searching many a forum for all opinions.

    Seems the concensus is for a real grippy tyre that gives at least some mileage and is reasonable in the wet, the Pilot Power is the go. But then I read one bloke who reckons they are very prone to punctures. He reckons Michelins in general have this trait. I haven't seen this criticism made by anyone else anywhere. Sounds bizarre to me that one brand would be more likely to let nails etc in.

    So my question is, are different tyre brands more puncture prone than others? Oh, and if you think I am going down the wrong track with tyre selection then feel free to re-educate me. My ears(eyes) are very open.
  2. i remember a conversation a while ago, cant remember whome, but they had 3 puntures and repaiered with the same tyre.

    it would be my oppinion that the cause is not the tyre make or brand but the bed of nails you just rode through.

    when i change tyres i will probably be getting macadam... is that how they say it.
  3. The guy said one of the punctures he had in the 3000km he had the tyres was after pulling over to help another Pilot Power shod bike with a puncture. In that case he admits to probably riding through the same shit that punctured the other bike. But he then had another two punctures in the space of a couple of weeks. Sounds more like really bad luck to me but I thought I would ask the question.
  4. that you can say a tyre is puncture prone is dumb.

    I've ridden heaps on bridgestones and michelins and had no punctures.

    I didn't see nails jump in front of my michelins.........

    and yamaha jog scooters are crash resitant........cause so far i've never......

  5. Pilot Power has a special blend of rubber and magnets.
  6. Maybe if they had a really week carcas, but it's unlikely.

    It's more likely the guy runs too low a pressure or rides through crap or was just unlucky.
  7. I been through several sets of Brigestones and Michelins on the VFR. Only time any of them could be said to be prone to punctures was in the last 10% of tyre life (and then always the rear) and that can be said of any tyre.

    As generalisation a sticky tyre is more prone to picking up debris from the road, the back more so than the front because there is more rubber, all become more prone as they wear.

    As an aside my favourite tyre is Pilot road. great wet weather traction, excellent in dry but they dont take so well to track days (perform well enough but it seems to kill them).
  8. Booked the bike in today and the mechanic said they don't sell Michelin because they are too pricy for what you get. They reckon the Pirelli's and Bridgestones are just as good for less money. Looks like I'll be getting some Diablo's.
  9. I recently replaced my rear D220 with a Dunlop Qualifier for a track day. The D220 had 3 repaired punctures hence the change for safety reasons at high speeds reached at the track.

    Even though the previous tyre had 3 punctures (with 2 in the space of a week), it was because of where I was travelling to/from work... ie. emergency lanes pick hold all the crap including nails bouncing off the back of utes.

    The Qualifier sticks like glue and will soon be replacing the front (D208) to match. The helmet warehouse in Yagoona will do set I think (from memory) for about $370/380 and thats for 17" rim..

    Regards, Nick
  12. The mechanic just dosnt have an account with Michilan people. Theres other mechs who dont carry Bridgestones for the same reason. When your a small shop you cant afford to have heaps of tyres rotting on the shelf.

    Soft tyres are of course more prone to punctures, but a Pilot Power is going to be the same as a BT014.
  13. take that back got a tek screw jump in front of my oem bridgestone this morning......only 4000km old.

    Will be replacing it with a michelin.

    or michelin wouldn't deal with him?

  14. Ahh, f^&k knows. It will be the first time I have had Pirelli's so it will be a learning experience either way. Time to make a D and the shop is the only decent shop nearby. Action( :butt: )in the City is closer but I said decent.
  15. I love the Diablos, but tyres are often a rider choice thing. Often different bikes wear tyres differently, too. More Hp, more torque, etc.

    I've never heard of a puncture prone brand or tyre before...

  16. I agree with the statement pertaining to tyre pressures. Tyres will only do there job properley if there recomended pressures are maintained. I drive a DAF LF truck, which runs Bridgestones all round, and Bridgestone garantee the life of the tyre to reach at least 160 thousand kilometers providing pressures are maintained. If the tyre fails through natural circumstances prior to that milage, we get a brand new tyre for free. Mitchalin are pricy, I run piolets on my car, and in 4 years at 40 thousand km in, I have only sustained one puncture, and the tyres are only just starting to loose traction, very close to the ware markers. I am not sure of many other brands, on the other cars in the house hold, we are running Continentals, which I also highly recomend. Oh and another interesting point I thought I would put forward, Mitchalin are now producing tyres outside of france and Germany, I think is either Japan or Taiwan, I am pretty sure it is Japan. Perhaps due to this face there may be some differences within the tyres them selves?

    Happy riding to all.