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Puncture in tyre... issues with repairers.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rid3r, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just want to see if what I heard was correct. I have a puncture in my rear tyre from a nail. Rang a place that usually do repairs and was told that it is now illegal for them to repair punctures as it is considered unsafe.

    It was fine in my case to go for a new tyre as mine has done 7000k's and also being a stock tyre, wouldn't mind upgrading. However, if you've just bought a new tyre, and after say 1000k's got a puncture, and no where will repair it, do you really need to buy a new tyre?? Seems like a bit of a waste... (short from pulling the tyre off and doing your own repair work from the inside of the tyre)

    Hmm, what do you guys think?
  2. Re: Puncture in tyre...

    news to me
  3. Re: Puncture in tyre...

    Sounds like shite.. a new scam
  4. Re: Puncture in tyre...

    First I've heard of it. Doubt if it's law. Might be a liability thing on the part of the individual shop though.
  5. Re: Puncture in tyre...

    ??????? :confused:

    I found a screw in my rear tyre yesterday, then plug it with those push in plugs. (Tubeless)

    I then had to get a roadworthy check done for my rego, Pink slip NSW. Even mentioned the plug to my mechanic... he said nothing.

    I was going to ask 'how reliable are these plugs, if I get on the gas a little'???
  6. Re: Puncture in tyre...

    Hey all, just an update on what I said earlier...

    So I went in and got the tyre changed. Whilst waiting, I queried the guy about the so called 'new' law that he was so adamant existed. And guess what, it happened to be a page in the manufacturer's book stating 'how to correctly fix a tyre puncture' and the limitation of the tyre after being fixed, e.g. Shouldn't go over 120km/hr, etc. But no where did it say it was illegal!

    Being annoyed that he kinda lied about this new law, I proceeded to ask him where in the book did it state that it's illegal to do so, again, couldn't answer the question. His only comeback was to say it's too much effort to repair a punctured tyre, and now chose to only replace it. ](*,)

    So yes, can confirm that I haven't seen any law for this, and that they chose not to do it anymore - for liability reasons, cost reasons, profit reasons, whatever...

    Can't trust what some of these guys tell you - and funny enough, the place was recommended by a good mate, and absolutely praises them... Go figure.
  7. lol if you can't go over 120 there's no point having the tyre
  8. I can tell you with certainty that at spreads greater than $1.20 the multiply plugged tyre did not blow up and destroy the bike and leave me at the mercy of dodgy physics.
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  9. May as well name and shame the place that led you up the garden path rid3r
  10. Funny cause i had a puncture 2 weeks ago... I called a local mechanic/tyre store they said bring it in. When i got there i explained what happened he said "dont worry about a new tyre its just a puncture we will fix for you," lol Charged me $30 and i was on my way.
  11. can you fit a tube in a tubeless tyre ?? i have dun this on my ute
  12. Re: Puncture in tyre...

    [-( If I were you, I would have walked out and maybe told him I'd never come back - vote for good bike mechanics with your $$$ by not spending money with them.