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Punched in the chest at 80kPh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CCVTR, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. What started out as light cruisy ride down the Mornington Peninsula (Coolart Rd) ended as, "what the **** ,Jesus ******christ" then quick wrench and stomp onthe brakes to stop as fast as I could. Basically I thought I had been shot in the chest by a grungy hillbilly and my whole life was about to end.

    Many things went through my mind as to what has happened as I was trying to pull up. Before even stopping I was looking at the left side of my jacket chest area for some sort of damage, blood, a hole, tear, some visable sign of to what what is causing me pain. Nothing? I stop, get off the bike and again start to check jacket, nothing, open it up nothing. Lift up the tee shirt and I see a red welt about the size of an orange of which was pulsing with pain. A minute after gathering a little composure and the pain subsiding I realised what had happend, as I was looking to the right sight seeing a stinking bloody nasty bastard pine cone must had dropped from one of the trees and smacked me in the chest, not so dramatic as I was assuming, but none the less it bloody hurt.

    This little incident will now make me more aware of what pine cones could do to a rider. I was wondering on the way home, how many poor souls have actually been taken out by one of nature's grenades, and the incident has been put down to rider error?

  2. Wait till you get a champagne bottle smashed over your head at 120km and your not on a bike or wearing a helmet and then tell me something.
  3. dodge a shovel on the freeway at 110 yesterdat bloke couldn't be stuffed tying it down :evil:
  4. I got smacked in the ankle on the Monash Fwy at 104kph by a lump of 6x4 treated pine about 40cm long that was flung-up from the back wheel of a car in front ... one of 3 pieces, with the other 2 I had dodged.

    Managed to make it home, but was soon taken to hospital .. resulting in several weeks required off work. A chunk was taken out of the bike boots, and the Doc said it, being a proper reinforced bike boot, saved me from a smashed ankle and surgery.
  5. Never stay behind a truck or ute that seems to be involved in tradework/ construction.
    They're a mobile minefield.
    Came home the other day and found the next door neighbour doing something near the road, turned out she was picking up screws, nails and rivets (plus a couple of small tools) that had fallen off the back of a ute.

    Imagine having a box of assorted nails bounce infront of you on a freeway?
  6. That there, is explanation enough :roll:
  7. A mate of mine had a similar thing happen to him, he was going down the road doing 100kph when he catches a bird on the chest (minds out of the gutter please). He said it was like being shot as well, and it left a nasty red welt like you described.
  8. Last wkd, South Coast, National Park....Kookaburra kamikazeed into my friends' visor at 120 clicks.....does that count?
  9. You know how a trail of sand is left on the road when someone turns onto the road with a full trailer. I had an experience with a trail of carrotts at 100kph. They don`t so much as squish at that speed, more like roll in lotsa different directions. Very exciting. :shock:
  10. I had a 80-100km/h impact on my left shoulder and arm, from a wayward cyclist who went wide into my lane :shock:
  11. christmas beetles :evil: - ouch!
  12. A friend got a galah to the chest .......only 60k an hour tho.....but it still gave him a big enough bruise..

    No galah was hurt either ....well apart from my friend :grin:
  13. I hit a kangaroo 2 weeks ago near Goondiwindi.

    Haven't a clue what speed I was doing, Was at 180 kmh as I crested the hill and saw the mob of kangaroos on the road in front. Am guessing below 100kmh, maybe even 80.

    The kangaroo is no more, and there is a badly damaged BARBED wire fence nearby.

    Broken Thumb will heal soon, cuts before then.
    Bike - already fixed
    Pride - may take a while.
  14. In the back seat of a mates Prelude, sun roof open, 140kph, rain drop hits my eyeball. Je-sus!!!
  15. Try hitting a bunch of bogong moths at 170. Like cricket balls except they leave a nasty yellow green line of guts all over you. Had one hit the middle of my visor, snapped my head back severely. Had to stop to clean the guts from the visor. Nasty.
  16. The winner....peter-reebok

    Unless someone comes up with hitting a cow or horse....then I'll have to retract my vote. :wink:
  17. I dunno....I reckon Pete the freak was pretty good too :LOL:
  18. Man, thats rough Pete. Why do bad things always happen to good people!
  19. Wouldn't know mate, I'm not one... :twisted:
  20. wasps

    got hit by wasps 2 of them only doing 20 ks pulling up a lights .
    but once they started stinging (you get the picture )
    stopped jumped off my bike and started stripping in the middle of the road, people thought i was nuts ,they then fell to the ground where i ground them into the road and made wasp paste, 12 bites from my neck to my hips . ooooouuuuucccchhhh