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Punch bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gobberwart, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. I'm on holiday with the family at the moment so spending a fair bit of time with the wife, kid and sister in law. They've invented a new game called "punch bike" which is sort of like the old game punch buggy, except it goes like this...

    Every time I see a motorbike and make a comment about it, everyone says "punch bike" and my son punches me in the arm.

    He's a big lad at thirteen and I'm a bit obsessed so it's getting bloody sore after three days.

    Anyone else have families who like to give them shit like that, or am I just lucky?

  2. Most young blokes at that age like to beat up on their old man.Don't take him to any bike shows:grin:
  3. Whole family gives me shit for being obsessed over bikes to don't worry, but because I do weights and I'm not your normal 17 year old they don't hit me :p
  4. I'm lucky my whole family is obsessed by bikes so the person who DOES NOT make comment gets ridiculed.

    We do have a game we play though. Basically the idea is, when you hear a bike, is to try and pick the number of cylinders, approximate capacity, make and model model.
  5. i am sure you can bust out the "DON"T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND NOW!!!" line
  6. You could always escalate to a bonus round of 'stab bike'
  7. My daughter & I got our bike licences together, and when had a similar game. Ours was pointing out a motorbike when we saw one (and lost a point if it turned out to be a scooter). Everytime we stop the car, the scores reset.

    I think you stole our game !!
  8. If anyone's seen the Simpsons episode where Homer is talking to someone and then notices a poodle walk past the window; he stops mid sentance "That dog has a puffy tail" then immediately begins following the dog around.

    My wife says I get distracted by bikes way too easily. Often I'll watch one go past, look back and find the eyebrows raised and "puffy tail, was it?"

    Also used when I hear the sound of a nice v twin with loud pipes.....
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