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Pump it up! or let it out?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by resurrection, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    older noob here

    So there I was merrily riding around in the glorious Adelaide Hills on my recently acquired VFR 750 == Bliss

    Bike had brand new rear tyre fitted when I bought it coupla months ago.
    Bike felt good and stable in all situations including heavy braking.

    Then someone suggested to regularly check the tyre pressures
    so I did and found the rear 36psi when recommended is 42.

    Pumped up and went for long ride and found stiffer but ok round corners, but under severe braking the rear would dance around.

    My question is would dropping pressure back to say 40 or so cause undue wear? (Dunlop shod at present but will change to Bridgie BT020)
  2. Might be stating the obvious but have you tried leaving the rear tyre at the recommended pressure but softening the preload on the rear shock (obviously I don't know where it's set at the moment but if it's too high it could be contributing to the problem).
  3. Make sure you use an accurate guage too, the ones at servos can be all over the place..
  4. Also don't forget the recomended pressure is for the OEM tyre with a rider of a certian weight on board, often an average Japanese rider who would be lighter than the average Ozzie I guess.

    My GPX says 36, or 42 for over 100kgs load or "high speeds/racing" :shock:
    Me being a fat bastard at 110 kg's 42 it is :p

    And measure the pressure when warm too, not cold.

  5. I always thought the opposite?
  6. Ditto
  7. - Measure when cold.
    - Always measure with your own guage so you can have comparative figures not just some service stations random number generator!
    - Stick to what feels right to you, and roughly about the same as the specified tyre pressures. (Personally i tend to run a teency bit higher than spec).
  8. DOOOH...](*,)

    lysdexia rules KO

    measure COLD, not WARM
  9. yes definetly measure only when COLD anyways the information should be somewhere on the ie under seat/swingarm/under side fairing either way the oem defaults are a great start
  10. I wouldn't go off the pressure's printed on the swingarm... just use them as a guide. I haven't seen a bike in a long time that replaced it's OEM tires with another set of OEM tires... for good reason. :wink: :grin:

    Refer to the tyre manufacturers specs.