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Puma boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jeep01, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys/Gals,

    I am a new rider and have been on my L's for a couple of months. I am looking at getting a pair of riding boots. I normally just do weekend and after work riding so its not an everyday commute requirement.

    I was looking at the Puma boots, in particular the Brutale, Bonneville Mid or flat 2. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these boots, how comfortable they are and whether they offered the required protection.

    Otherwise can anyone recommend something that would offer me the required protection, but still be comfortable and decent to wear out to dinner, movies etc if I ride my bike there.

    Thanks for your help
  2. saw them down at GP last sunday
    they are quite decent in price...for what i saw and they look super sweet
    i dont know where you can buy them here
    but i got his card at home....somewhere
    ill try and find it and post it here if u want
  3. Thanks dude. I know they have them at Bikebiz in Parramatta and I am planning on going to have a look at them tomorrow. Just curious as to whether anyone had them and what they thought of them. Its my first pair of boots and they are not cheap so I wanted something that would protect me and last as well.
  4. i've tried on the Puma "Desmo" (white w/ red stripe @ the bottom) they look super kool and feels awesome. :grin:
    actually like it better than "Sidi corsa". and same that was at bikebiz Parra. can find anywhere else that sells them. :(

    Still dreaming about those boots :roll:
  5. I ended up getting the puma flat 2 at the bike show yesterday. I thinks for me its a good starting boot that will offer me protection while riding around town. Also they look nice enough that I can wear them when I go out in the bike rather than opting for the sneakers option.

  6. IMO puma are efin great
    If there anything like there sneaker counter parts they will be a top quality item.
    Im still wearing puma sneakers i bought over three years ago and they still havent fallen appart.
  7. After having the boots for a couple of weeks I have to say I am very happy with them. Not only are they great for riding but also really comfortable to walk in them.
  8. I've had a pair of the Moto 750's for ages now, they rock. They strips of heavy leather across the toes is great for gear changes etc. They don't have any ankle roll protection though.

    They're really comfortable and I wear them out too. Planning on getting a pair of the 500's and 250's sooner or later.

    The only complaint is they don't have any grip when walking in them on a smooth surface in the wet. Extra slippery. No problem riding in the wet though.