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Puma Boots in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wallyt99, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. I really like the look of the Puma Motorcycle boots they have at BikeBiz.

    Anyone know anywhere I can get these/try them on in melbourne?

  2. www.shogai.com.au is the Australian distributor, lists 2 Vic dealers - Zagame (Ducati Melbourne) and A1 Motorcycles in Brighton.

    I went to Zagame soon after they were released in Australia and the customer service was useless. The salesman stopped to eat lunch between my wife and I asking to look at a particular puma boot size and getting the boots. Was not impressed. Same dealer then lied to my wife in January about having a scooter in stock that wasn't.

    Haven't made the trek to Brighton yet, would probably be worth giving both a call to see if they have any in stock.

    When I get some free time I intend to check out A1.
  3. I bought a pair of the Puma boots at the GP last year and I tell you what they are so comfortable you won't look back. Only problem is mine are still squeaking, still need to WD40 them but besides the squeak they are great.
  4. I got a pair of Moto1000 on the way! Cant wait, they look awesome!! Havent tried em on yet but from what ive heard, theyre pretty good. For $200 im not complaining!!
  5. Those Moto1000's look awesome, I have been looking at (pictures of) Puma boots lately as I want/need to organise a pair of boots for myself in the next couple of weeks.

    Surely they must cost more than $200, did you get a great deal on them or is that the retail? I live in Hobart and there is only one dealer in Tas in Launnie so I will have to order them in from somewhere, if you can suggest a bike shop that has them in stock ill give them a call/email...


    Looking at the flat 2's, the desmos, the 1000 or the bonnieville mids I really can't decide! Probably the 1000's though.
    I would be a 12US does anyone know what that would be in EURO sizing?
  6. You are a 47 Euro then. All boots fit differently though, for example A*s usually run 1/4 a size bigger, and sidi run 1/4 size smaller.

    Your paying up to $600 for a pair of boots (the 1000's), the least you should do is try them on!
  7. Yeah I know I either have to take a guess and hope for the best or wait til i go to the mainland (Melbourne) which might not be until october at this stage!

    Thanks for the sizing help though
  8. How do Puma boots compare to the Sidi's and Alpinestars?

    Randy Depuinet wears Puma boots they must be good!
  9. Got a friend in the industry getting me a pair. Havent tried em on yet. They retail for $599. So at that price, who was I to say no?? Worst case scenario, they dont fit, I sell em on here for $300. hehehe
  10. Ahh now that makes a lot more sense!!
  11. Are they as protective as the usual A* or Sidi?
  12. Well got mine today. All I can say is BLOODY HELL!!

    These mofos are comfy!! Absolute biatch to put on and take off as theyre really really tight and stiff but once on, they feel awesome!

    Very impressed at the quality of them too. Id happily put them up against the likes of A* and Sidi etc.

    They feel alot more protective than my A* SMX4s and well, I guess theyre more of a racing oriented boot compared to the smx4. I sure as hell wouldnt wanna be wearing them day in day out.

    All in all, very happy. 5 stars!
  13. Lucky prick :wink:

    I thought my SMX-4's were really comfy, so if ya reckon the Puma's are better then I'm seriously impressed dude!
  14. Hey Dougall,

    Dont get me wrong, the SMX-4s are comfy as hell. But they are a much more flexible boot than the puma. The Pumas are pretty much a racing boot and have NO give in the ankles whatsoever.

    As an everyday boot, the A* is the one ill be wearing for a comfort factor, but having tried on the full racing style of boots from A* and sidi, Oxtar etc, the pumas are definately more comfortable. (i do admit tho, out of the box, the pumas were more comfy than the SMXs)

    I got these.....


    But these ones look SWEET!!!! If I had a white 1pc suit, woulda got these for sure!

  15. Ah, I see what you mean Scotty. (wish I'd had that ankle support when I crashed).

    They're fukin sexy mate :cool: Just something else to add to my wishlist :LOL:
  16. How is the healing coming along dude? Been meaning to ask! :oops:
  17. The Puma 1000 boots are awesome... I have always worn Alpinestars but once i was in a pair of Puma's, there was no going back... There very nice and soft, have good protection and they look good... :cool: :LOL: They may not be the cheapest boots out there but trust me, there definately the comfiest... Overall, there the best boots out there IMO... :grin: And definately, if your racing smaller bikes like me were your cramped up (125cc/80cc) you definately need the flexibilty and thats what I like about the puma's... :grin:

    Sorry about rambling, I get excited... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers, Nicky :cool:
  18. I've been looking for boots myself. A1 Motorcycles in Brighton on Nepean Hwy have quite a good range of Puma's.
  19. Michael Jackson fan? or are you turning [​IMG]

  20. Don't go mocking those Puma's, there the set i have... :evil: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: