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Puma 1000 V.2 Boots

Discussion in 'Boots' started by jlyon9, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    So I just bought these boots second hand from fellow netrider hromero89, who I can thoroughly recommend as an honest and trustworthy trader, thank you for the smooth transaction.

    I have the size 8 US, and they fit perfectly. I am a size 8 for every pair of shoe I own, including two other puma sneakers.
    They provide excellent ankle support, and look to be amazingly well constructed.

    Took them out immediately out to brookfield (if anyone knows brisbane, along brookfield road, all the way to the end and then back). On the way out I started to note extreme discomfort when in my natural (very upright) road riding position (I've never worn riding boots before). I felt SO uncomfortable, had difficulty doing everything, including shifting (especially upshifting), and cornering...everything! All i wanted was for my legs to fall off...ok im being dramatic but it was really bad...

    Anyways I reached the end of the road and turned around. As I was somewhat familiar with the road now I started to attack it a bit more, and as a result, really got down low with the bike and pretty much into a race tuck position on straights, and staying with my chin low on either sides of the tank in corners. THIS is where the boots really started to have a MUCH more natural feel to them. Staying in this position, they were not only comfortable but I started to feel much more natural wearing them. However as soon as I started to get in a more upright, 'orthodox' road riding position, the discomfort returned pretty much immediately.

    Overall, i'm REALLY glad I bought these boots purely to use during some upcoming trackdays I hope to attend, and I will not be using them for anything but this purpose. I dont feel comfortable riding relaxed in them (as opposed to riding in racing position) at all. I will give them more of a go on a few more rides around town, but I really don't think they are going to get any better. However, for the purpose, they are EXCELLENT.
  2. Nice review mate.
    Each to their own when selecting riding boots however I personally believe these are a great looking boot.
    You've done well and again thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us.
  3. If they are good for the job and you are happy with them then that's all that counts..I like the look of them, but for me a boot has to be like a second skin.
    I use the bike to get everywhere..so the boots have to be as comfy as any shoe I'd choose to klomp around in.
  4. Nickers - thanks for the encouragement mate, glad to help.
    Rabbito - I am in the same boat mate, my bike is everything, which is why I posted the review, cause if i'd bought these to wear on a daily basis i'd be realllllly pissed, but like i said i bought them for the track and happy with using them purely for that :)
    I do wish I could use them for twisty stuff out in the country but I honestly dont think I could make it from Brisbane to anywhere worthwhile (more than 20 mins away) in a relaxed riding position, they are just that bad when you're not in a full race position.