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PULP/Optimax Survey

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rc36, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. From time to time there's mention of various members having trouble with PULP, specifically Optimax.

    I thought it would be helpful if we could build up a database of bikes that appear not to like certain types of PULP's, so, with that in mind, could you please indicate.

    Make, model and year of bike
    Carby or EFI
    Types of PULP's used
    Problems encountered with particular brands/types (if any)
    Any other relevant info.

    Thanks a lot peoples.

    For me.

    Used most sorts of PULP's (I think) and have had no problems at all.
  2. Ducati
    used all PULP (98 octane)
    Prefers the BP stuff, then Mobil, I have not tried the new Caltex stuff, not in melb yet. Seems to run rough on Optimax, not sure why.
  3. Triumph
    Speed Triple
    1999 (955cc motor)
    BP Ultimate, Caltex Vortex 98, Mobil Synergy 8000, Shell Optimax (if others aren't available).

    Produces good power on Optimax, but seems to run slightly rough.
    Best performance (marginally) seems to be on BP Ultimate.
  4. Bandit 250
    HATED optimax more than anything else, but didn't run very well on anything but mobil 8000 and BP Ultimate

    GPX 250
    ran fine on everything but optimax, seemed to run a little better on standard unleaded than premium

    YZF600R Thundercat
    only ever ran it on BP premium/Ultimate and Mobil 8000 (possibly on caltex premium once) never skipped a beat.

    runs better on standard unleaded than the premiums, power just seemed to drop a little when i used Ultimate or 8000

    likes the premiums (not ultimate/8000) the best. not a massive difference, just seems a little more responsive on them. havn't found anything it doesn't like yet....
  5. me...???
    Make, model and year of bike
    87 Kwaka ZX750F
    Types of PULP's used...all of them at some stage
    Problems encountered with particular brands/types (if any)
    the first (and only ever) tank of Optimax......
    destroyed a set of plugs basically within 20km of filling it
    the bike ran rough for a kilometre or 2 and then stopped
    the plugs were covered in a light brown glaze that could
    not be removed...new plugs were needed

    I have a mate with a '93 ZXR750
    his first and only tankful of Optimax did exactly the same thing

    never had a problem with other brands of PULP


  6. Kawasaki ZZ-R1100
    Used all brands of PULP. The bike seems to be happy with all of them.
  7. 94 FZX250 (zeal)
    Runs badly on standard unleaded, stalls, coughs and splutters.
    Runs well on BP Ultimate, Optimax (though I don't use it)
    Vortex (Caltex PULP)
  8. Honda CBR1100XX

    I only use Optimax, the bike loves it.
  9. 99 VTR1000F
    Carbs (HUGE 48 mm)
    Run on anything. Premium, Standard Unleaded, Optimax and Bundy OP. Do notice a slight drop off in power with regular unleaded, and fuel efficiency is poor with Bundy OP due to extra requirements from the pilot.
  10. "Make, model and year of bike": BMW R1150R 2004

    "Carby or EFI": EFI

    "Types of PUP's used": Mainly Poodles, sometimes Corgis.

    "Problems encountered with particular brands/types (if any)": None whatsoever on any PULP

    "Any other relevant info.": I also have a Proton Jumbuck ute that needs PULP, I am certain it does not like Optimax as much as the others.
  11. try using inner circle OP, its much smoother with a power increase you wouldn't beleive :wink:

    cant wait for the weekend again :twisted:
  12. SOLD!!

    I will buy a case for the GP weekend! :twisted:
  13. got given a bottle of inner circle black (75% alc.) on the weekend, dont think i'll buy bundy again now :shock: it goes down smoother than bundy silver and burns like pickled red chillies after a few seconds :twisted: its a beautiful thing straight :D
  14. Suzuki GSX-R1100
    All except Optimax. (my last tank was Optimax and there is no doubt it run like shit)

    Laverda SF3
    All premiums, with a valve lube, but definatly not Optimax
  15. BMW R100RS
    BP Ultimate, Mobil 8000, Caltex vortex all work nicely.

    Optimax runs a little roughly, shell "ordinary" premium pings a bit

    Other "ordinary" premiums can also ping a bit, but not as badly (it seems... but it's a bit subjective)
  16. BMW R1100s 1998 EFI with staintunes
    Run on optimax exclusively now unless I can't get it.
    Mobil 8000- Runs rough
    BP ultimate 98 almost as good as optimax but not the mileage
    Shell 95 premium- will never touch again!
    Vortex- not as crisp throttle response and mileage isn't as good.
    Most generic premium petrols(95)-see Vortex
  17. Suzuki
    GSX250F Across
    Standard unleaded.

    It runs fine with premium fuels, though I'm not too willing to try optimax. However, I find NO mileage or performance increase using a premium fuel instead of the standard variety.
  18. Kawasaki

    Stock petrol

    runs fine havent tried higher RON ratings but i remember a shell station in my area used to have guaranteed no ethanol signs but now not there isnt has anyone seen these signs anywhere else?

  19. 1991 Suzuki GSX250SSM Katana
    Optimax, BP Ultimate, BP Premium, Shell 95 Octane

    Ran terribly on Optimax but runs fine on Shell 95 Octane. Didn't notice any difference between BP Ultimate or Premium so generally just use Premium. Haven't tried standard unleaded since it's a Japanese import and Japan only has 95 octane or higher (don't know for sure if the importers adjust the bikes to suit <95 octane fuel).
  20. Make, model and year of bike VTR 1000F Honda
    Carby or EFI Twin Carby
    Types of PULP's used Mobil , caltex, BP
    Problems encountered with particular brands/types (if any) Optimax , runs rough
    Any other relevant info.
    I hate shell.
    I am too sexy for my leathers
    36-24-34 is the ideal woman.

    Thanks a lot peoples. your welcome , anytime