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Pulling up next to another biker ..?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamvinhy, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Just started to wonder.. if you pull up at the lights and your
    sitting on your bike.. if your next to another biker do you talk
    to them or anything?

    Just curious.. haha :LOL:
  2. I use to , even spoke to myself . But i have the tunes now so i just give them a nod. :D
  3. haha i see.. you listen to mp3 player? :LOL:
  4. lol .. id chat if they do
  5. For me it's too hard to keep an eye on my mirrors, traffic in front of me, left +right plus the sound of my exhaust. So I just give the nod and sometimes a wave.

    If I have my visor up cause I felt like the wind in the face I try to scream 'hello' to them :D
  6. depends but yeah mostly on the way to work i chat at the lights, other times depends in the situation but always min give a nod
  7. I couldn't chat if I wanted to... between the helmet and the exhaust noise I can't hear much at the traffic lights.

    I just settle for nodding.
  8. If they'll acknowledge my nod, yes but its pretty rare. I ride an old jap bike, but wear a black open face. Caught in the middle, I guess - sports riders aren't interested in 25yo clunkers, the greying cruiser set can't be bothered with a 40yo teenager and the 1%ers have a policy about riceburners.

    So I talk to myself. And so do I. And so do I. Man, its getting crowded in this helmet.
  9. i'll nod / chat with anyone, 25 yo clunker or not, it's got two wheels :)
    I generally find it's the BMW riders who snob me but i give em a nod anyway.
  10. are there any bmw riders on the forum?

  11. I like to say hi or acknowledge fellow riders, but find it difficult to hear much as I wear ear plugs when riding and the termi exhaust cans can make it difficult to hear.
    It also depends on the vibe I get from them. Sometimes they are very focussed on what they're doing.
  12. There is Smee... yellow R1100S with staintune cans.

    Nice guy... hasn't quite got that BMW snob thing down quite right yet ;-)
  13. Likewise TonyE
  14. Who me? talk to a fellow biker? you bet, start with g'day! then see what the lights allow!
  15. I usually say hello with a bit of a wave. Often my attempts to start further conversation are short-lived by a change in the lights, but I try. Also learning to yell loudly from inside my helmet as the other rider usually cannot hear me (often get "sorry??" and "what was that?").
  16. I nod religously at fellow bikers, I do even when I'm in the cage... I don't talk / avoid talking as I'm yet to master my take-offs (still stalling at times).
  17. I'd have thought you main problem would be noise drowning out the conversation, I have a hard enough time hearing the other rider speaking over the two engines and I have an effective muffler.

    But I have been known to have a natter at the lights (more common with mates while on rides but sometimes with strangers as well). Dragged a couple of people along to coffee using the chat at the lights while on my way to coffee.

    I have an effective muffler. It effectively muffles all the ambient noise except my exhaust. And anyway, the three of us can hear one another perfectly. It's the rest of you that has the problem. Am I right?

    - Yes you are
    - Yes you are!

    Yes...but they never come back. Some day, one of them will take you to the ACCC for misleading advertising.
  19. Now we know the real reason you had to get the sidecar! :LOL:
  20. I'm a BMW rider, and I nod or wave to every other rider I see including cops, posties, scooters, chook chasers. I'm not really that friendly, I just love the attention.