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Pulled over twice in 72 hours!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by axza, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I've been riding 1 week tonight.

    I would just like to know everyones take on police and motorcyclists...

    On Friday night I was pulled over ( this was completely fair ) for lane splitting, technically I passed on the left hand side of a vehicle as I was in the right hand lane when I went up the middle.

    This policeman pulled me over and did the usual thing, check the license etc, and I told him I was a learner, and that I didn't have my L's up. I luckily had them in the boot. The reason I had them off was because I was heading up to Mt Barker along the freeway, and it would be folly to attempt that at 80ks an hour.

    Either way, we had a chat and he let me off without a fine.

    I've never been pulled over in the cage before, so this was a bit of an eye-opener and that I need to get be more careful.

    Tonight after dinner I thought "hey, nice night, I might go for a quick ride around some back streets and practise my cornering" so off I go, cruise around a bit, when I notice a car following me through all of the corners. I didn't go any faster, nor did I try and take more corners, I just kept doing what I was doing, this went on for about 5 minutes and I got fed up, I was pulling over to ask them why they were following me and the lights go on. I jump off the bike, shut it off and take off my helmet, ask them why they are following me.. all they end up doing is checking the bike over, rego and license and then let me go on my way.

    Is this common?? It really did ruin the ride for me, I was in the zone and having a good time.

    Both times I was pulled over the police seemed to have a hard time believing that the bike was a 250... maybe some education is in order, I don't know.

    This is more of a rant than anything, I just felt rather annoyed that they followed me for so long, to the point where I had to pull over as it was un-nerving me.


    PS I know I did the wrong thing in the first instance, I just thought I'd share.
  2. Been riding for 7 years
    Pulled over twice only both times for a license check.
    It's not as common as you think.
    i think you may have just used your quota
  3. Only been pulled over twice....once for a booze bus and the other time was a motorbike cop when there was a crack down on people not displaying their L or P plates. Pasted my P test 3 days before. Problem was I was crook, tired from staying up studying all night, running late for a pretty big test (international pass rate of 12% which somehow I managed to pass) and the the cop pulled me over for a license check.

    I think you like me (but slightly different reasons) it falls into the category of "When it rains, it pours!!"
  4. Been riding 14 years, been pulled over once - at a booze bus ;)

    I'd say you just got lucky ;)
  5. I know why they keep pulling you over because you live in Adelaide
    :D :D :D :D
  6. 17 years and never pulled over , not that i dont do naughty things , just luck.
  7. Yeah, geez, I've never seen so many coppers on the road. Ever since I got this bike they must have put another 50 specifically so they can follow me around, wherever I go.

    I've done a lot of riding this week though...

    First night I picked the bike up, cop follows me, subsequent rides, I've seen at least 2 cops each time, it's nuts.
  8. Riding 4.5 months. Pulled over just the once, for a random breath test (by a pleasant and friendly cop, moreover).

    A couple of months ago we spent a few days in country Victoria and I managed to get breath-tested twice in 24 hours by the same cop - at different locations. I was in the car rather than on the bike, but my paranoia level ratcheted up a couple of notches anyway!
  9. All up I have been puled over... 3 times to check licence... 3 times for speeding... 3 times for booze bus and once coz the cop was a rooke and wanted to pull over a posty!!!
  10. traffic lights need i say more
  11. Never pulled over on a bike. Got pulled over four times in one day on an Easter weekend about 4 years ago in the tintop. Drove from Narre Warren to Woodend, Maryborough, Dunolly, Ararat, Wilhura, Ararat, Ballarat, City, Narre. Pulled over between Maryborough and Ararat in this piss ant, one horse town and breath tested. Cop was writing down licence numbers etc, so if anyone got lost they could easily trace last place seen. It was four in afternoon and the cop was doing a double shift from six in morning until ten at night and I was the only car he'd seen all day
  12. Well , if u guys weren't playing musical bikes i would have seen the lights :LOL:
  13. some cops just don't like bikers. My dad was pulled over years ago for speeding. The only thing was though the cop let the 4 cars he was riding with(3 in front, 1 behind) go and then singled out the bike (obviously the cars were also speeding as dad was following them, slip streaming). Some love them, some hate them....the fact that your a L plater never helps, cops do the same to P plate car drivers.

    Josh :D
  14. See Mt Dandy ride report I got pulled over with itchy on Sunday for my first RBT on the bike, I was really excited about it so I guess it all depends on your attitude! Coplady was really nice about it!
  15. Yeah, I don't have a problem with it if it's deserved, but I just figured it was obvious that I was just riding around practicing.. maybe not :)

    The first instance, the copper was a champ, had a good chat to him, he was an ex biker so I guess that helps.

    I suppose being an L plater on a bike is a bad thing, I, for some reason, thought that it would mean the cops would go easy on you since you were learning, but I guess it can also mean crazy guy that wants to ride fast and hit things
  16. It may just be that a bike similar to yours has been stolen recently, they're pulling you over and checking rego etc.

    Or, the locals have had their peace disturbed by a maniac on a bike, you were in the wrong place, wrong time.

    You'll be right.

  17. I've been pulled over more than a dozen times in the cage, perhaps nearly 2 dozen (in four years of driving). I've been pulled over 3 times on the bike - to RBTs and once for a speeding infringment.

    And that's in 8 months. :'(

    I must have "PLEASE PULL ME OVER, I'M AN ILLEGAL ALIEN" painted on my jacket somewhere. :LOL:
  18. Ive never been pulled over on my bike and ive been riding a few years, been pulled over once in vk for RBT, and again cos an undercover following me in vq ran my plates and found i forgot to pay rego. $500 later...
  19. Decided to put things right, went for another ride.

    Got lost in some back streets for about 40 minutes, looping through the same streets, I bet the locals were getting grumpy then :D
  20. In the Car, I got pulled over 13 times in the space of 8 months. It must be my trustworthy goodlooks *cough*, or the fact I was in a yellow XF ex cab that looked alittle worse for wear, didnt get pulled over again as soon as I got the VS. Although, was pulled over in the VT, alittle sideways action is a bad thing, but they just told me to be careful and let me go without a fine.

    On the bike, only twice, once for an RBT and once for a licence and rego check, $107 later opps. I'm hoping it doesnt lead to a spate of being pulled over, especially for RBTs, thats a PITA.