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Pulled over today for going too slow...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thetrumpetplayer, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. On the new triumph, quiet 40kmh zone in Crows Nest, Sydney, at around 9pm. Good opportunity to do some slow-riding practice in the 'burbs (I always believe that good riders can ride fast, great riders can ride slow). So I'm hovering around 30kmh in this 40 zone.

    Lights flash, they pull me over. He inspects the bike a bit, asks a few dumb questions. Then the dialogue goes to:

    Officer: Any reason you're traveling so slowly?
    Me: It's a 40 zone, and I'm doing 30.
    Officer: You nervous? New bike nerves?
    Me: Nope. Just observing the ridiculously low speed limits on roads.
    Officer: Yeah alright, on your way.


    Can't wait to get pulled over for changing lanes soon...!
  2. At least they didn't give you a ticket. Maybe he wanted to check the bike?
  3. I'd say he was hoping you were pissed.
  4. I spose it's hard to tell sometimes. He could have been a rider himself, and noticed a new bike and your slow pace and just wanted to chat? Or he could be an uptight asshat looking to book you for whatever he could.... Guess we may never know....
  5. Nothing more fun than deliberately going slow when there's a cop car directly behind you. :)

    Just think how many kittens were saved by the fact that you "wiped off 10" instead of just 5.
  6. Riding or driving slow is often an indication of being intoxicated. Once you opened your mouth without dribbling the copper probably worked out you wern't intoxicated!

    Shouldn't you be going slower than 30 for slow riding though?
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  7. Wiping off 5 in NSW doesn't do anything I am told. That magical incantation only works in Victoria. ;)
  8. He should have got a ticket for 10 under-to be cashed in and offset at a future date.
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  9. Was he behind you or somewhere else?
  10. If he wanted to do you for something he would have
    Be happy he wasn't too much of an asshole
  11. Pulled over for 10k under the speed limit....you should get credit demerit points for that.
  12. ahhh now i understand why rossi is great.. hehehe
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  13. You've got me on ignore,haven't you.
  14. Was your bike registered in Vic? Cops often like to check out interstate riders/drivers.
  15. what slow riding manoeuvres or practice were u doing?

    or were u just riding slowly
  16. Stoned more likely and feeling paranoid, lol.
  17. Lucky he didn't get you for those Arrows. I not only worry these days about getting pulled over for silly s**t like that, but also my loud pipes, fender elim, flushmounts......all the fun stuff I guess.
    Ahhh the police, greatest way to ruin a perfectly nice ride I hate to say it
  18. I was in a car with my nanna driving, right lane on a three lane highway, doing 115 in 110, approaching our turnoff. Heavy traffic and we were holding a couple people up, but as i say we were about to turn off, probably 1km ahead. Nan has a hate of heavy traffic so sure perhaps she moved over a little early, no more than a couple k from it.
    Cop pulled her over and said she was going too slow in the right lane. Nothing about 'unless overtaking' just 'too slow for that lane'.
  19. Non-lams bike, no L-plates rider looks like he is practicing...I'd pull them over if I was a cop. Might save a life.
  20. Really? By that logic they should be accosting everyone who isn't breaking the law......just in case.