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VIC Pulled over last night for weaving

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cosi, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. just posting an experience i know some people are curious

    if anyone knows east melb, mt dandy road between bayswater and dorset at about 1145 weaving enjoying the warm night. turn onto dorset and find a police car waiting to turn behind me, followed me almost all the way home before i started to indicate then the lights came on.

    asked if i was drunk or bored, no breatho, told me its confusing for other motorists, stop doing it. a bit scary :D (only one point left)

    i was going to rebut and say i only do it when there are no motorists on the road (which there werent) but you know the repercussions for that.. probably check rwc on my bike etc etc :-Ol

    p.s he said he would understand if i was heading up the hills but not in suburbia.

  2. Wow, only gave you a warning and understood if you were going into the hills.... WOW, what a nice guy
  3. confused cars will generally stay the f#$% away from you when you weave - one more good trick in the bike handbook - doesn't do much for you though if they follow you doing it for miles!
  4. There's nothing particularly illegal about it, is there? I weave when I'm bored, or happy, or trying to check how my tyre pressures are, or trying to get used to the bike after a few days off it or whatever and I never thought I was breaking any laws...
  5. Did you ask if knitting was allowed instead?
  6. should of told mr. plod that bikes need to be moving or they fall over and with the speed limit at walking pace, you weren't actually weaving as such as trying to hold the bike upright :LOL: ;) :LOL:
  7. Hehehehe Tyre warming Dubbo style (sorry, aus.motorcycles in-joke). :D
  8. I can understand them checking if you're drunk....
    but seriously, if you're alone on the road then does it matter?

    I guess they're just looking after all motorists by preventing hazards & warning of dangers. nice cop to let you go with a warning.
  9. Unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.

    You can be booked for it.

    Someone on this forum was, went to court, and the charge was upheld.
  10. the main reason i usually do it is to make myself more visible to other motorists like if i get the feeling someone hasnt seen me or the like...

    OH well, at least he didnt stick ya with some bullshit fine...
  11. I weave all the time. I love the feeling!

    I would have loved to have engaged the copper in a genuine general conversation about it. What dangers does he perceive and why would scaring drivers be a bad thing when they're tailgating?

    It says a lot for the copper if he can't tell the difference between a drunk wobble and a proper weave.

  12. heh, trust me if i had plenty of points to gamble with i would of but incase he just cracked it.

    was a bit annoyed that they followed me for so long.

    maybe my weaving looks a bit drunken master style.

    do you get official warnings or do they note that on your record at all?

    lik eincase you get pulled up again?
  13. BTW, I don't know why you are bagging the cop. He seems to have been totally cool with it. He gets a +1 from me for being one of the good ones.

    All he told you was to stop as it's confusing to others. He didn't breath you, didn't check your license, didn't check your rego. Come on, what more do you want?

    If you were weaving, and you hadn't noticed the cop car behind you, was it really safe to be doing it?
  14. He'd probably already checked your rego, that's why he followed you for so long
  15. when did i bag him man? chill out

    all isaid was i would of told him there were no other motorists on the road to confuse.

    this is why i dont like posting on this forum.
  16. Because people might state an opinion different than yours?
  17. Addict
    Posts: 634

    who are u kidding :LOL:
  18. Me as well. Also I think weaving keeps the cages looking. for instance if they feel they have you pegged sitting off their back left , then they are likely to place you and forget you. Not good, So I would also like to have a conversation with this policeman about this. I doubt I would have been weaving when he was about though. Police like straight lines and I would have given him just that. Pity really. I just dont get enough chances to have a good heart to heart with these guys. Not like the honey who pulled me up for a breathalyser . Yumm.

  19. ...didn't see any cop bagging either.

    Didn't see an opposing opinion either....

    *swings truncheon, rocks up on balls of feet*... Move along, nothing to see here... :LOL:
  20. Or could it be because people will often take any chance to stick the boot in, by takeing things with the worst posible context...