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NSW Pulled over lane filtering

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by benjamiah, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Where - turning right from off ramp from city on to military road - north Sydney
    What- I rode up the right side of the right lane to turn right on military . Traffic police pulled me over for random drink test - then checked my helmet not believing Shoei was a reputable brand!
    Then told me I illegally lane filtered and I should read the rules
    What I see is filtering on the left near park cars is illegal , but I see nothing about creeping down the right!
    Lessons- lane filtering in single lane traffic is illegal- you can't pass on right and you can't pass on left because of parked cars
    Filtering in dual carriage ways is legal - but only down the middle and not over the stop line - you can't get in front of the car! You have to drag them off!
    These rules are stupid

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  2. Please remember that the rules are there for your protection. Also Shoei sounds like an illegal cheap Chinese import.
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  3. I hear u mate. I travel m1 abit and when there's a big stack it is idiocy to make me filter between the cars when I can go up the breakdown lane
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    The cops are full of it. There's no such thing as illegal filtering. Riding up the right side of right hand lane is, by definition, not filtering so it cant possibly be illegal filtering. The cops need to cite an actual offence, not make stuff up.
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  5. Wrong. Its not illegal, its simply not filtering. Therefore the exception to 'stay within 1 lane' does not apply.
    IOW it is still legal to pass a single lane of traffic provided you can stay entirely within a lane.

    The only new restriction on filtering is you cant pass a car in the same lane faster than 30kph.
  6. Shoei. Sounds like something you wear on your foot, not your head, with just an extra letter tagged on to the end. Sounds dodgy as. Is it an ebay helmet?
  7. I assume no TIN?

    He wanted to give you one but could not quite detect any offence. He was maybe looking at your helmet to see if it was an imported DOT approved one. Even that would be a gray area given the current helmet laws in NSW.
  8. If he wanted to give an infringement notice he would have done so.
  9. Soooo.... did you cop an infringement notice?
  10. Didn't get a ticket - he got very uptight though
    My wife and I have covers over our helmets - pokka dots , stars etc
    That would attract thier attention - it's pink Vespa too
    I think they thought they could have some fun pulling me over in rain 6c
  11. What's with the questions about Shoei?
    It's one of the most reputable helmet brands out.
    Very established and excellent quality....and very pricey too.
  12. That off-ramp onto Military Rd Turning right is 3 lanes, not 1. You sure it wasn't a different spot?

    You can pass a stationary car on the right, with your indicator on, as long as you don't cross the line marking the edge of the road. Cross the solid line on the right of left of the road and you are riding illegally.

    they checked your helmet because there are fake Shoeis getting about bought off the internet. And if it wasn't a bike savvy copper, they may not know one brand from another anyway.
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  13. I was in the right hand lane of the 3. There's a big gap between the barrier and right lane. Not sure if I left the lane or not
    What's with indicating on right only lanes- ? It's like indicating on a curve?
  14. It's like that. Except that you are at an intersection. And you are turning right.
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  15. If its single lane and you pass on the right you are not really filtering, but overtaking, hence the indicator to keep plod happy. Sometimes.
  16. I assume there was a solid white line marking the boundary between the traffic lane and the central reservation (or the edge of the slip road). Was there a solid line? Did you cross over it at any time?

    BTW: Shoei sounds like some cheap foreign brand ;)
  17. Did you lurk for long before joining up?
  18. I don't lurk, I said my hello, then found my way here, and commented on what seems to be some riders' patent ignorance of a well established and very reputable brand of motorcycle helmet.
  19. Welcome to a bit of home grown humour, it's good for the soul, if you let it in.
  20. what road rules allow you to overtake another vehicle within the same lane? on the right or left? moving or not? can you do it in a car too? :D
    or is it a grey area?