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VIC Pulled over by off duty cop...or so he said

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by monkeyboy666, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. This happened to me today which kind of spoiled an otherwise awesome day's ride. I was hoping someone could shed some light on it and whether they've had a similar experience.

    I was riding home today after a long ride when this fool in a silver Camry starts dragging me off at the lights, swerving into my lane and braking and generally behaving like a dangerous fool. I did what anyone would do...I split through traffic as fast as I could and left him behind.

    He was swerving in and out of lanes to keep up, but either got stuck in traffic or gave up.

    Anyway, I pull up at red light when I hear this angry voice yelling, "Pull over! Pull over now!" I turn around and see this angry dude in a 4X4. So I turned left down a side street and pulled over...thinking if he is a cop, I don't want him chasing after me.

    So I pull over, he gets out and starts yelling and swearing at me saying, "What give you the right to ride like that?" and "Just because we're not in uniform doesn't mean you can do whatever the f*ck you want"...and stuff like that.

    I asked him if he was a cop and he said yes. Taken aback and not knowing whether he was a cop or just some random, angry nutjob I figured the best thing to do was calm him down by going into a 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir' routine and told him I will ride slower in the future and that I was sorry and blah blah blah...basically I bullshitted him in the hope that he would chill the f*ck out, get back in his car and piss off.

    He tells me that he was about to call the Croydon police and have a divvy van sent to pick me up and a truck to have the bike impounded. I spun him some more 'I'm sorry, I'll ride slower from now on' bullshit and he got back in his 4X4 and left.

    Now, I know everyone will say, "You should have asked to see his ID, and asked him what his name was, his rank and where he is stationed" and I know this. But at the time I was a bit freaked out and didn't know if I was talking to a really angry off duty cop or just some random psycho who hates bikes. It was unpleasant to say the least.

    it just freaked me out a bit is all. First I have to ride like a maniac in heavy traffic to escape some dickhead who is trying to run me off the road, then I get yelled at by an enormous, furious dude who may or may not have been off duty popo.

    So my question is, what's the deal with off duty cops pulling you over and has something like this happened to anyone else?

  2. he wasn't a cop if he was he would of booked you they can anytime on duty or not he was just some fcukhead
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  3. You did the right thing. Dont bother with idiots in traffic and dont aggravate cops. Perhaps you should have remembered his number plate and checked with the cops if he was for real. They dont like people impersonating police
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  4. Cops can pull you over when their off duty. Same as on duty they can give you a ticket etc or give you a warning. To get you to pull over they should show their Police ID. If he didn't do that I wouldn't pull over who knows who he is or what drugs he could be on?
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  5. Unless they id themselves as a cop when trying to pull you over no way would I be stopping.
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  6. I would have wheelied away from him while giving him the finger. The universe would have delivered its own form of justice in the form of a hardwood power pole at 120km/h as he tried to chase you down.
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  7. I would never stop for anyone unless I see flashing lights behind me. Then if the person is not in uniform I would demand to see a badge or I would take off. No way could u get in trouble for not stopping just because some guy is telling u to pull over without either showing his badge or flashing lights IMHO
  8. When I did stop I kept it in gear with the clutch in for a quick getaway if things got silly. I only pulled over because I figured if he was a cop, then not pulling over would only make things worse.

    When he didn't offer any ID and said he was going to call Croydon police station to have a divvy van take me away and a truck to remove the bike, I pretty much figured he wasn't a cop. Without any kind of speed detection device, he can't even issue a fine, let alone have me arrested and the bike impounded.

    But even off duty cops would have their business card in their wallet surely? The ones with their name, rank and contact number on them I mean. I'd imagine cops have some kind of police ID on them all the time.

    Maybe he was a cop and just wanted to tell me off for riding like a dickhead? I didn't tell him about the Camry driver trying to turn me into road kill, and if he didn't see the driver he probably assumed I was just being a nob. The number of car/bike accidents cops have to attend would make any cop see red if a bike was tear arsing through traffic at high speed I reckon.

    Still, if he was a cop it was a very strange way to interact with a member of the public. I guess I'll never know for sure.
  9. Wrong I am afraid it has been discussed on here before Police can make an estimate of speed and issue a TIN. If it comes to a dispute a court will generally take a police estimate.

    I think he was probably a random nutter though. For reference Police are required to carry their badge at all times.

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  10. They are called police badges. It takes 20 weeks to earn one and every member has one carried with them where ever they go

    Police do not need a uniform or speed detection device in order to issue a fine, arrest or have your vehicle impounded.

    <edit> Oops, sorry Chris, didn't see your post.

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  11. How the fudge does a silver Camry cause you any trouble trying to drag you off the lights?

    The other guy was definately a nutjob ex/wannabe cop.
  12. I've had an off duty cop have a go at more before. Funny though, because he was completely at fault. Got out of his old station wagon and asked me if I had a problem with his driving.
  13. It's funny how people say what to do ... but you never see a utubie of it ..
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  14. I didn't know that...I assumed that without some kind of recorded verification the accuracy of the alleged speed couldn't be established. Well bugger me.
  15. I meant the Camry guy chased me down at a couple of red lights...swerving around like a nut case to catch up and sitting on my arse. That's why I eventually floored it and left him behind. Dunno what his problem was tbh, but being an Indian boy racer in a shitbox Camry kind of explains his high level of douche baggery :)
  16. Sorry to hear about your story, @monkeyboy666, I think I would do the same as you...rather not piss off some nut job and have him ruin my bike because he was trying to chase me down...

  17. Yeah, if it was green I might believe it, but silver?
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  18. You must not be looking hard enough. I always put my videos of running from cops on youtube.

    Is this biatch serious?
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    Last edited: Nov 3, 2013

    My run in with an off duty cop (I did see his warrant card) go pro's were called camcorders and were about the size of a shoe box, most people didn't know what the internet was, youtube was 6 years away from even being dreamt up.

    my second run in with a cop (captured on cam), showed me doing 170km/h past him then 240km/h to get away from him... that video remains private.

    I have 2 helmet cams gathering dust in a draw now.
  20. Report it.

    It's either unprofessional behavior or someone imitating the police, either way, the police need to know.