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Pulled over and busted

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Grimjaur, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Yesterday me and my mate where riding up into the hills to do some trail riding. Of course with 3 bikers being killed and 1 seriously injured police were on the lookout for bikes( this is WA by the way) As im only on my learners we were close together so as the police pulled my mate over i pulled over to. Now it all just started of with a normal license check. The first offence was me not displaying L plates, my excuse being were going into the bush and they wouldnt last 5 minutes> The cop said he rode bikes so he let that one slide. The problem now comes with my mate, he vows and declares he got his license about 6 months ago but the police say he never did the hazard test and never got it so he was still on his L's. Now i have to go to court for being in breach of my learners. Just wanting advice on what to do since i was clearly in the wrong but it was an honest mistake...except for not displaying my L's, but hopefully they do let that slide.

  2. other than the missing L plate how are you in breach?
  3. +1 on that Question :WStupid:

    Im totally confused here.
  4. Probably because in WA like QLD you must be accompanied by a fully licenced rider whilst on your L's?
  5. I think in WA a learner has to ride with a fully liscensed rider of so many years?

    Bit of a bugger about that mate.
  6. oooooh, that sucks :(
  7. damn thats a hairy one....

    Stick with your honesty and hope for the best.
  8. oooh bugga! go with "guilty - but he told me he was licenced" and hope for the best. There isnt really anything else you can do except kick yourself for pulling over.
  9. +1 for eswen, all you can do is say that you believed him, after all, you don't go round doing license checks on everyone do you?
  10. Um, is that like 'guilty, but she told me she was 16?' :eek:
  11. I'm with Eswen on this I think you're a bit stuffed but throw yourself on the mercy of the court. Most magistrates these days seem reluctant to hand down really harsh penalties. You may even get a no conviction recorded + pay costs if you have been a good boy.

    I got busted 2 months after getting my P's. Load of trumped up crap but it dosen't pay to argue with the "man". Pleaded my case to the magistrate and got off with a total penalty of $50 court costs and nothing else.

    Try it, can't hurt...
  12. Ouch, that sucks mate.

    On a semi-unrelated note, I like that rule though, I didn't think any states did that. It's not that I think all L platers should have to be accompanied, but, I think it would greatly benefit L platers who do not or have not held a minimum provisional car license.

    For instance, i've been driving for 3 years so the move to motorbikes has been relatively simple for me, roadcraft is something i've been learning for a long time now, but the idea of someone being let out on a bike on there own with zero on road experience scares me a little.
  13. its better than "not guilty but i know you have the photos and video"

    basicly if he says he is "not guilty" which means not guilty of riding out of restrictions (ie without a properly licenced person) then its an out right lie because he obviously was
    whereas if he says "yes guilty but i didnt know" he has a chance.

    My dad got done back when he was 16. He was riding out in the country and didnt realise he had crossed the border. Local cops pulled him over, your not allowed to ride when your under 18 in that state at that time so he got taken to court. He pleaded "not guilty"; which is insane becuase he was over the border and strictly speaking unlicenced, and got done. If he had said "guilty but i didnt know" he might have just got a warning.
  14. if you head to your local police station and ask if you can discuss something with them for 5 minutes you'll usually find that they will usually be happy to give you some, "don't blame me if it goes wrong" free legal advice. quite often they have to attend court for people disputing fines so they have a fair idea of what works and what doesn't
  15. Get your mate into court with you to testify that he thought he was on full license and that the hazard test thing was a stuff-up. I'm sure you won't get caned for this one.
  16. Bummer. Bet your mate's gotten the shock of his life too. Both of you need to get onto legal aid as soon as you can and get their advise. See if you qualify to have them represent you you in court. When you get to court, expect to get pinged for not displaying your L's. But do whatever you can to get out of the other one.
  17. Usually it's beyond reasonable doubt in your belief.
    did you believe beyond reasonable doubt your friend was fully licensed?
  18. Yes I do think that they think you should have checked his licence but hey you gotta trust ya mates and who's to say that it wasn't suspended even if he had it?

    Fall on your sword and cop it sweet you'll probably just get a virtual slap across the back of the head.

    Bummer luck though
  19. Yep its true in WA whilst on your L's you must be accompanied by a fully licensed rider. The funny thing was the copper said if there was a licensed one there he would have just let it slide, so we should go out and meet some other riders. then we said thats alot harder then it sounds then it goes Copper: it aint that hard boys you got a licensed rider standing right in front of you (he was in a car though)
    Us: well now we know someone, you wanna go for a ride sometime mate
    Copper: sorry boys i dont have a trail bike laughed and drove off.

    Im really hoping since it was the long weekend he really just couldnt be stuffed with the paper work and nothing ever happens. But if it does looks like i will have to just be really honest and seem really sorry for what i did and hopefully just get a slap.
  20. I'm originally from WA and have had friends go to court over this. It’s a minor thing and it happens frequently as people who have no friends that ride or cant get someone out with them, take the punt and ride solo. The fact that you were not speeding or doing anything dangerous means you should get out almost unscathed from court. Wear a suit and be polite and you should be fine. My close friend got caught on his L's with a pillion (not permitted) and doing about 6k's over. He had gotten his P's by the time he went to court and all he got was a $200 fine and a lecture. They didn’t change his license status or suspend it. You will be totally ok. :wink: