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pulled a decal off

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by OG, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. i had a decal with a bad scratch i had to remove , thank god it didnt go through to the paint

    problem is the decal came off like a dry bit of plastic and the sticky stuff totally stayed on the bike
    i cant even scratch the sticky stuff with my nail, whats the go getting it off ?

    will metho work ?
  2. try eucalyptus oil too. leave it in the sun. im sure there's a bunch of ways.
  3. yeah im usto being able to use a roll of ducktape and remove the sticky stuff but this stuff is rediculous
  4. Orange power goo remover, it's the money!
  5. +1 for orange power, I used it on my ZZR.
  6. and it worked wonders, turned it into a honda CBR600f :grin:
  7. we use prepsol also known as wax and grease remover
  8. Use a hairdryer to heat it up and then pick away at it. Just another option to the ones already said.. Then polish it up and hey presto.. :grin:
  9. grow a beard
    use the beard to scratch it of.

    metho/paint thiner/kero what eva is lying around
  10. dont use thinners...it softens the colour and when you try and scratch the glue off with you finger nail..the colour sratches
  11. +1 prepsol.
    great for cleaning painted surfaces w/o damaging the paint
  12. Omni glue remover.
    i use it at work and you dont even need any elbow grease
    it owns
  13. only in acrylic.
    beside u will be using piss weak thinners.
    And even if u do scratch it u can cut and buff it out.
  14. sorry....incorrect...it happens on OEM finishs as well....we would R+R maybe 20 decals a week so in our experience presol is the best way of doing it
  15. guys. use a heat gun. u only need to keep it there for LITERALLY about 2 seconds, then just use ur finger to sort of roll all the sticky stuff thats left into a ball.

    i used a heatgun to take all the decals off my old zx2r. just be careful with the petrol tank u don't heat it up much AT ALL. LITERALLY 2 seconds.
  16. thanks guys finding it hard to find the orange power been to 2 supermarkets ill get the presol
  17. I have some Orange goop at home and I am happy to drop by Sth Melb as work in City. Let me know if you want it.

  18. yes but those ones are computer cut vinyl ones....there a breeze...its the genuine ones that are a hassle