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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I saw some pug puppies in a pet store on the weekend, and if it wasn't for the fact we are renting I would probably have bought one. They were so cute (in an ugly sort of way).

    So now I'm in a bind. I want a dog, but I live in an apartment I don't own. We also have a cat, but that doesn't seem to be too much of a problem with the landlords. I suspect the solution is to buy a place with a backyard (but house prices....!)

    So the questions: Anyone have a pug? What are they like? How do you toilet train a dog for an apartment (a litter box?)? Anyone rent with a dog?
  2. they are cute in a "gods cruel joke" kinda way but unfrotunatley I dont think its possible to train a dog to crap in one place only... at least i never could.... Its probably best to have a tiny yard for a dog.
  3. Get a ferret. They are awsome and guarenteed a good time with one or two of those little fcukers running around.

    And piss the cat off.
  4. I have a Pug.

    I would recommend you stay well away from buying a Dog from a pet store. Make sure you understand its a 12+ years commitment. They are going to lose their puppy looks pretty soon, will the novelty wear off?

    Pugs are very needy animals. They demand your attention all the time. It is cruel to leave a Pug for extended periods of time by themselves. They need exercise just like any other dog and have breathing difficulties due to their flat nose. They do not do well in the heat because of this.

    Will someone be at home with the pug or are you going to leave it when you go to work? The worst thing is the hair they shed. Be prepared to have hair go everywhere.

    Pugs are high maintenance dogs. Buying one from a breeder will cost you $800+. Buying from a pet store is dangerous, as you don't know the history, the blood line and will it have papers?


    For just an apartment, I would say cats would be so much better. They look after themselves and do their own thing.
  5. Pugs are awesome! Can't wait to get a house with a yard so I can get one, and a sausage dog named Kevin!
  6. Last time I had a dog was as a kid in country WA. It was a sausage dog called Shorty. It joined a pack and killed sheep...

    My parents said they were selling him to a farmer :cry:
  7. I thought that this was going to be a thread about Peugeots :(.
  8. It's a pity then that god didn't make them. They were bred in the 16th century by the Japanese royalty.
  9. Yeah - noisy little bastards.
    A few people at the park I jog at walk them and you can hear them rasping along from ages away.

    I think people who want to get away with abusing animals buy pugs - 'cause they're supposed to look like you kicked them in the face.
  10. This is why I'm a cat person. Dogs have been bred and inbred and selctively inbred until they are useless bloody things. Do you know how delicate a bulldogs sinuses are?? Could any of these animals survive in the wild?? Dogs will die of eye infections, stuffed up sinuses and parasites in their unnaturally long hair whilst the cats are still killing birds and possums for their din-dins...

    Bah, each to their on I guess. I'll get out of your thread... :oops:
  11. We have 2 pugs now, My GF wanted one so we got Pugsley and he was lonley while we were at work ect, so we got Leyla to keep him company. They are good dogs, but i wouldn't keep one in an apartment. Heres some pics, faces only a mother could love.


  12. Gross.

  13. Strictly speaking I suppose I'm a cat person too. I've lived around cats my whole life and my current cat is 11 years old. Even bought her across the country with me. But I do like dogs as well - as long as they are trained. I don't think you need to be strictly a dog person or a cat person. My girlfriend was a dog person until she started living with me and my cat, and now she likes both too.

    But one thing I've learned over the years is that you should probably chose your pet based on it's temperament and that varies significantly from breed to breed. I'd love a Russian Blue, probably because their temperament seems to be more dog-like than other cats breeds I've come across. Apparently you can even teach them to fetch.
  14. Very cute. Need a bit of "blue-eye" reduction there though :p
  15. "Faces only a mother could love." Aint that the truth. :p

    I'm not a huge fan of Pugs, but I like pretty much all dogs and cats.

    I beg of you, don't get a dog when you're in an apartment, it's just cruel. They need space to run around. If you're keeping them cooped up in a house all day, your house is gunna be their yard, and you'll come home, crack it, punish it and it won't know what the hell it's done wrong.

    Get a cat. I'm getting a cat. What one I don't know yet. I'd LOOOOOVE a bengal, appeals to my tiger/lion love with their colouring, and it amuses me that they love water so much. But they cost a freakin fortune.

    I will most likely be getting whatever I get from a shelter though. I agree wholeheartedly with both cats and dogs to avoid getting them from a petstore. Yeah, you've got even less chance of knowing the lineage at a shelter, but at least you're giving an animal that's bound for death a chance :)
  16. Seeing as others are posting here is Coco




    l_11445d47d526e82e419535a73b099105. [/url]
  17. He was obviously the brains behind the operation? :wink:
  18. I worry about any dog that has had it's cranial features changed so much by inbreeding. I have heard of some of these types [squashed face] of dogs have major issues with breathing. Don't know if it applies to pugs but does to bulldogs etc.

    Gunna get me a big farting choc lab when my fences are up.

    Oh I hate small dogs my ex had two freakin little chihahaus waste of space they are :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :LOL:
  19. One of my mates did some work experience at the vets. She "went off" Pugs after she had to push back it's ejected eyeball back into the socket.... :sick:
  20. Apparently the big dogs pulled the sheep down and he went for the throat.